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    Free Floating Quad Rail For a DPMS Oracle 5.56

    I am looking to pick up a free floating quad rail for my new DPMS Oracle. I would like to buy one that doesn't require any filing or special fitting. I would also like to get the most bang for my buck, and my budget is up to 100 bucks. Help me out here and throw out some recommendations! Thanks!
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    Cdnn sports has some to choose from as does Midwayusa and cheaper then dirt

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    Do you necessarily want rails? You can get very good tubes for a lot less, if you really don't need or want the rails.

    I have rails on one AR, the rest are OEM, Mag Pul, or standard free float tubes. Yankee Hill makes a very affordable set of both.

    UTG is advertising a free float rail system now. I believe the one I saw was for a Mid-length gas system. Their standard U.S. made carbine quads are a bit heavy, but otherwise a great buy from what I've seen.
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