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    Inherited 1915 Ranger Double Barrel Shotgun

    I have recently inherited a 1915 Ranger Double Barrel Shotgun... Passed down from my Grandfather to my Father to me. No, my father is still alive. He just wanted me to have one of my Grandfather's shotguns before he's gone.

    I have shot this gun before, back when my grandfather was alive. My dad had it for a while and was carrying it in a gun case in the back seat of his truck. He had a bad wreck and the stock was cracked. He hand-made a new stock for the shotgun. It still has the hand-made stock on the shotgun. I want to keep the hand made stock but I also would like to get an original stock for the shotgun to take it back to original configuration. Does anybody have any leads on the wood stock?

    I will post photos of the shotgun when I get the shotgun. My brother has it in his safe in Louisiana right now until I get a chance to visit and pick it up. Here is an original ad for this shotgun from 1933 for you historical types. This gun will stay in my family and is not for sale but does anyone know the approximate value for something like this? I put about $300 on it.

    The best I can remember it is the two trigger model. I also think the one in the ad below is the 1915 model.

    Update. I got the shotgun and it is a 1915 not a 1910 like I thought.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    From researching a bit, it looks like Stevens probably manufactured these for Montgomery Ward and Sears. Try the following link and see if the stocks look close:
    Particularly, the 311 and 315 models.
    Good luck!

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    If it was me, I'd try to locate another Ranger maybe on ODT, Gunbrokers or else where and then swap stocks, then either keep the new purchase for extra/spare parts or re-sell to recover the money. Probably alot cheaper than having one custom made for a $300 gun. If the current handmade stock looks okay, I'd keep it for sentimental reasons. If your going to shoot it, at that age I'd check to see if the shotgun has Damascus barrels first to prevent an accident. Good Luck !
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