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  1. 9/18 Hunt.

    You probably didn’t see any deer because you probably smell like deer blood and they know you’re the deer slayer. Hahaha
  2. What's a good fish when you don't like fish?

    Red snapper by far. Best fish imo
  3. Would y’all shoot this buck?

    Why not let one fly? Kill em !! For me, I would pass but only because I told myself I will only shoot a buck again if it’s bigger than my biggest on my wall.
  4. 9/14 hunt

    Any luck? I’m going out Friday morning
  5. 9/14 hunt

    Good luck!
  6. Customer land clearing

    As some of you may know I own a landscape business in the Woodstock area. I do lawn maintanence and pretty much anything to do with landscaping. I started 6 months ago and I’m already sitting at nearly 100 customers. I just want to thank everyone that has helped me grow my business. It has been...

    I swear, if we had an ODT hunt club… I feel like we could manage a pretty decent club with decent deer. I’ve got $1500 to throw on a lease yet I’m stuck on public land again. Lol
  8. FS ATV tires ITP low miles

    Not sure if they will fit. My tires are 25x8x12
  9. FS ATV tires ITP low miles

    If these will fit my yamaha kodiak 700 I will take them. Let me check
  10. In search for a hunting club/hunting property

    Yeah pics of deer on property will help. I’d be interested
  11. Hunting ATV opinions

    I’ve got a 2019 yamaha kodiak 700 eps 4x4 real tree edition. It’s a BEAST.

    I really need to scout a couple wmas soon. Anyone wanna join?
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