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  1. Backpacking Tent Recommendations?

    Thanks for all the input fellas!
  2. Backpacking Tent Recommendations?

    So to add little more info. We will have a base camp, but I want the flexibility of walking in camping for 1-3 nights at a time. My intentions are to cover as much ground as possible, last trip I felt like I was wasting hours having to cover essentially same ground every morning. I will be...
  3. Backpacking Tent Recommendations?

    I am looking at backpacking tents. This will be used to hike into backcountry while elk hunting. My primary concern is the weight. Any tents you serious hikers or hunters recommend? Trying to keep it <$300 TIA!
  4. Item Gone: FS/FT Remington 700 mountain Rifle 6.5 creadmore

    Great rifles! Love mine!
  5. Zippety Doo Dah Dammit again

    Good move. I dispatched a Yote last week or at least mortally wounded him. Only found few drops of blood at the impact spot.
  6. Good bbq in Ga. 10 you must try article . Guess who made it ;)

    I’ve had 6 of 10 on the list. Only one I whole heartedly think should be on that list is Wiley’s - Savannah, GA. How does Bubba-Q not make the list?
  7. Good bbq in Ga. 10 you must try article . Guess who made it ;)

    Armstrong’s in Summerville, GA. You know there is a drive thru in Lyerly that serves Armstrong BBQ now.
  8. If I decided

    I’ve been finding 115gr and 124gr defense rounds pretty regularly for approximately $1 per round. Plinking stuff not so much!
  9. Ethernet Cat 8 vs Cat 6

    I don’t know of any ISP that offers more than 1Gbps, anything more than cat6 is a waste of money IMO
  10. Best Bourbon that doesn't beak the bank?

    Pretty solid stuff!!
  11. Item Gone: FT Marlin 30aw 30-30 JM stamped

    Ballpark of what you are looking for in trade?
  12. In stock at TruPrep

    Thanks. I have checked EuroOptic, only one I can find is on Gunbroker, but I am really trying to avoid that.
  13. In stock at TruPrep

    I’ve been looking for a Christensen Mesa in .300 Win Mag for few months now? Y’all got any them?
  14. How do you guys maintain in this atmosphere

    Didn’t you hear? We are a blue state now!
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