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  1. New Hunter, looking for places to go deer hunting.

    Check out WMAs. Info can be found on via Georgia DNR’s website
  2. Those of you looking for a Tactacam Reveal X.......

    Good lookin’ out! Picked up a couple of ‘em.
  3. 9-13 Hunt

    I was out on Paulding. Saw lots of sign but no deer today. Forgot my dang Thermacell, but still stayed out all day. Heard a couple of grunts throughout the day, but I think that could’ve been another hunter?
  4. First Georgia Buck!

    It was 22” Barnett Headhunter bolt with a 125gr Rage Hyperdermic mechanical broadhead going about 375fps out of a Barnett Whitetail Hunter STR crossbow. Made quite the THWACK, and this is also after I dragged him a little ways. He didn’t go far though!
  5. Interactive Map of Georgia Deer Processors

    Good to know! I might take a look at their data to see if it’s more up to date or if there are any I’m missing.
  6. Interactive Map of Georgia Deer Processors

    Since I'm new to GA, I tried to find a processor on the DNR site (and Google), but wasn't super happy with the results, so I copied the data from the DNR site and built a map with it. Hopefully it's helpful if you're hunting in an area you're not super familiar with. No guarantees on the...
  7. Georgia Deer Processors - Can we get a sticky?

    Figured I'd share this here. I found the DNR website pretty bad when it came to finding a processor and Google wasn't very good either. So I whipped this up using data I nabbed from the DNR website with a little data cleaning on my part. Hopefully this is helpful for anyone looking for a...
  8. First Georgia Buck!

    First deer for me after moving to GA. Got it done in the first 5 minutes of the season yesterday! Got into the stand an hour before legal hunting time and they showed up almost exactly on schedule. Couldn’t have planned it better unless it had been the 10pt we had on camera. Big body and lots...
  9. .....

    Interested if there are more openings this year

    Which WMAs? I’m always interested in scouting new ones around me
  11. Carroll County / Hwy 5 Hunting Club

    Are there feeders set up on the property? Food plots? Access?
  12. In search for a hunting club/hunting property

    If you find a place with multiple spots open lmk
  13. Confusing Regs, Thoughts?

    Yup line two is bucks or does
  14. Anyone going early season squirrel hunting?

    Yup gonna get in the woods Sunday with the 10/22 and start refilling the freezer!
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