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  1. North East GA  FT Bow hunting gear

    Don't want to sell. Trade only will not split up will only respond to trades. I don't have time to bow hunt much anymore so I'm wanting to trade my bows for a nice deer hunting pistol. I have a mission bow it's currently set at 28 inches and 65 pounds ready to hunt. Has a new 150 dollar drop...
  2. FS 1989 Ford F-450 Super-duty cab & chassis 4x4 flatbed

    I've seen this truck and fell in love.. its beautiful and you need to see it in person.
  3. FS 1989 Ford F-450 Super-duty cab & chassis 4x4 flatbed

    Man I love this truck.. I seen it at Joel's and kept telling him I wanted to buy it. He said that truck won't ever be for sale I've already bought another truck but would've loved to have got this one. Good luck with selling
  4. Item Gone: FS/FT 89 7.3 idi dump truck 2 wheel drive

    Good old truck. Not perfect has some rust In cab. Has a electric hydraulic dump bed that's very strong and works great. Has a box built on the back but I'd take it off and just make a flatbed. Was using the truck everyday until I bought a new one and can't afford to add insurance back on this...
  5. FS/FT 89 F superduty 7.3 idi 2 wheel drive. Dump bed

    Good old truck not perfect has rust In cab.. has a dump bed with a box built on the back but I'd turn it into a regular flat bed. Was using the truck everyday for work until I bought a new truck. I can't afford insurance on it with the new truck. I drove the truck home after work one day and...
  6. Item Gone: FT Taurus judge

    Guns like new. Got this from Franklin's about 2 months ago and it's just too big for me. Don't really want to sell I'd like to trade for a remington 742. Have a holster to go with it. Thanks
  7. Little ol deer

    His buddy looks pretty good too
  8. Little ol deer

    Got a daylight picture of him.. he's a beast for sure. I'd love to see him come October
  9. Little ol deer

    That's what I was thinking. He's a good one for sure.
  10. City Deer Lol

    Well I was being a smart butt. They are a joke and it's embarrassing watching the way they hunt.. I tried to watch a few videos but when they are standing on somebody's porch shooting a deer eating the plants is a joke to me
  11. Little ol deer

    I'd like to see that joker... I'll make some dormanys Jerky outta him
  12. Little ol deer

    Got this little fella on camera.. wish I could get pictures of a mature buck
  13. City Deer Lol

    But the guys at seek one are real deer hunters and they said these deer are harder to kill? Is this true?

    Here's my two from last season.. im ready to be in the stand
  15. Cell Cameras?

    I'd never use another spypoint.. I just tossed two in the trash. They work ok for a couple months then mine quit taking pictures and the customer service is okay if you ride a carpet back and forth to work. I got a couple tactacam reveal x and they are awesome.
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