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  1. To ALL Great Ladies out There…

    This is not for those that just “identifies” themselves as so, BUT for the real Women: HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY! Some funny thoughts about you all’s day:
  2. Found someone! Thanks! Any HVAC guys/gals that replace old ductwork?

    Good luck in finding new material! We’re struggling to buy ducts and flexes… And many other miscellaneous materials to our HVAC business!!!

    Seriously, I felt the same way. Looking into those pictures, as a father, .... Oh crap, Man... That is really hard even to look at. I am pretty sure his Son will have a super awesome grandfather watching over him!!!
  4. Leave your skid marks in your drawers, NOT IN THE CROSSWALK~!

    That area of Midtown it is “infested“ with the soft boys and distorted women. They‘re bolder than in any other place in this State.
  5. Traffic Changing on GA-400 SB starting today... Be aware !!!

    Traffic on both direction on 285 was a mess this morning!! I thought was some accident, BUT no, didn't see any!!
  6. Traffic Changing on GA-400 SB starting today... Be aware !!!

    From the People at =AZUVlhyeu0aft3JRqH091M_uyRnByH5XaSD1AvteWg3XvWOcE03MiwSDk2qMLXBWTzVBQOvW02kYNQlxJq_6UCXZFcaCM_ADASMTxMbixiL8LvXl-MDjEWF92bfxyS0nUK6-qBqm2_Ey2C-u3BTWnfuNEsPfvl7LWt9frmzCwKRB-EyKdL8b35eS_miu_ZmSNYo&__tn__=-]K-y-R']Georgia Department of Transportation: Starting Friday March 4th...
  7. My daughter got married today…..

    This is tremendously awesome. You can't find this kinda men nowadays, very rare!
  8. My daughter got married today…..

    Yes, indeed!! Wifey and I, one beautiful day that we were both off from work in the afternoon, we went to Cobb County Probate Court, just to check how to get the names in there, and to set a day to get married. When we talked to the Court Clerk, she said, "Guys, you can get married right now...
  9. Florida Woman

    Have you watched that show on "Discovery Channel" called "To Catch a Smuggler"? -- I remember seeing a stupid young man being caught with capsules, I mean many, many capsules in his stomach. The DHS Officer said, "If one of this things pops, he is dead on the spot." - They asked him "Why did he...
  10. Florida Woman

  11. Traveling to Brunswick

    Just seat by the sea, listen the waves, the seagulls and meditate about life, about what is coming into our future as the world’s news unfold some bad news every day.
  12. Florida Woman

    You see, you‘ve got tell these folks that ONLY if you’re a big pharma or part of it, then you can sale shyt that kills people, like the fake vaccine. If you’re small, redneck standing at the street corner, they will burst ya arsss…. Now, THAT’S REALLY MESSED UP! — And she was moving around...
  13. My daughter got married today…..

    I think the guy seems to be a stand up one. You may just got yourself a Son, son-in-law…. CONGRATULATIONS 🍾🎉! Now you’re definitely The Man! :becky:
  14. What happened to ol boy?

    Recently Leaked photo of Dingo:🤣😂
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