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  1. Rodney Scotts BBQ in Atl. - short review

    I feel this way about bigguns sides my two favorite in ATL is pig n chick and fox bros
  2. Choosing Funeral service songs!

    old rugged cross
  3. Want to Buy Steiner P4XI

    he has not been on since February last year
  4. Sweet!!! Weed kills covid.

    just nit picking but that form is for ffl 's and buy that logic we couldn't sell a pistol to a minor
  5. If you see THIS guy with THIS sign....

    don't make fun of the local police
  6. 338 Lapua vs Lapua 338 Magnum vs 338 Lapua Magnum

    there's a 338 Remington ultra Magnum
  7. Betty White RIP
  8. PSA SSA-E sale!!!

    I love this deal
  9. Prayer Requests

    got ya
  10. Cat Owners Giveaway

  11. Israeli Technology Can Detect Liars Better than a Polygraph

    my grade school teacher would give that a -C

    ga gets back to the championship but we have all been here before
  13. -----

  14. Urgent prayer needed.

  15. FS/FT *New Trades* German Broomhandle Mauser C96 With Stock and Rig

    it's considered a curios and relic
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