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  1. Visiting English astrophysicist dies from random "stray" bullet. 20 minute wait for ambulance?

    Very sad, wonder what caliber it was. Why I'm not a fan of rifle calibers for home defense if you have neighbors.
  2. Exclusive ODT’s Breaking News.. lol

    Load didn't spill too badly.
  3. How do you remove blue loctite?

  4. Are you prepared for ice and snow this weekend????

    Yup, off to central IL tomorrow !
  5. Scared of bats??? You should be!!!

    If you could train it that would be excellent home protection. If a couple of those came swooping down on you as you tried to break in............
  6. Beretta 92sb proof stamps

    They look like italian proof marks ?
  7. What is Your Comments About this Porch?

    Depends what it's looking out over.
  8. What am I ?

    Dead one.
  9. Need help with some gun values/venues for sale

    Probably GB to get the best price. Nice guns.
  10. THE BAZOOKA TORCH Giveaway **Winner chosen

    definite 2
  11. THE BAZOOKA TORCH Giveaway **Winner chosen

    In for an excellent tool
  12. When a V8 shows up amongst a bunch of sewing machines.

    The reason why EV's will always suck.
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