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  1. Item Relisted! FS Fender Stratocaster 1979

    stoopidly sa-weet.
  2. Water filters for survival

    why would you want to though? do you know what chemicals might be in that creek water? had it tested yet?
  3. Item Relisted! FS Fender USA Highway One Strat (2009)

    love these strats. killer working mans MIA Strat guys.
  4. Weird Creature- Any Ideas?

    nah they dont deserve to die. they actually feed on the bad bugs around your house and work spaces
  5. Cigarette long term storage.

    thats funny. "so your looking for swingers" OMG roflmbo.
  6. Cigarette long term storage.

    who is group 4 my good sir.
  7. Cigarette long term storage.

    so are most of the teens now days too. or at least willing to learn.
  8. Cigarette long term storage.

    store them in the trash can
  9. Oil lanterns...everbody should have a few.

    these things put off a huge amount of heat too. not always a welcome situation.
  10. Weird Creature- Any Ideas?

    ive been seeing a lot of these around work lately
  11. FG knot update.

    after a few dozen casts? your retying a dozen times a day then?
  12. FG knot update.

    if the FG isnt working why not just use a different knot?
  13. Kayak Fishing Thread

    malibu Xfactor or Malibu X-14.
  14. Musical Instruments

    well thats folked up looking.
  15. Water filters for survival

    i have the katadyne hiker. never used it. they say its the exact same as the Pro model. only difference is the hose attatchments from what ive seen. anybody ever use one of these? what say ye?
  16. line type for trout fishing........

    its a respect thing. to you and to the forum. no need to muddy things up on here ya know. im one of the guys that will walk the extra 10 miles to correct a mistake. not many of us left any more but thats just a part of me. yep mine are in the lower part of my back. man i use to wake up to...
  17. line type for trout fishing........

    then please forgive me my good sir. it is hard to tell on the web sometimes. i will go correct my reply.
  18. line type for trout fishing........

    sure plenty of up and across presentations on the hooch need distance. the hooch can get wide in many different places.
  19. line type for trout fishing........

    between you and i, i was semi pro for several yrs. i had to drop out due to 2 blown disks in my back that left me bed ridden for 6 month. time away you lose your sponsors. nothing makes ya feel more like a human being than having a loved one lower you down on a toilet seat 3 or 4 times a damn...
  20. line type for trout fishing........

    i have. i started the thread lol.
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