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  1. Air Fryer - gotta have or a gimmick?

    Got a deal on a Ninja foodi. Those things are the bee's knees. pressure cooker, air fryer, convection, steamer, dehydrator, bake etc. Needed a pressure cooker so I got it and ended throwing my air fryer out. I don't use my oven anymore either. Its a beast.
  2. Where to eat at Jeckyl Island

    Don't miss the sandbar at low tide. You can walk out almost half a mile sometimes
  3. Where to eat at Jeckyl Island

    I've heard wonderful things about zachry's. I have never been though.
  4. Where to eat at Jeckyl Island

    hell yeah they do!!
  5. Who's a fan of the Plantation Buffet in Athens

    RIP Sweet Tomatoes
  6. Chili

    I've tried to determine what best goes with chili. Cornbread ,tater tots ,crackers, mac, rice etc. sheit does matter its all good.
  7. Do you put hot food in the fridge?

    If you put hot food in a fridge it takes up to 8 hours to get below 40 degrees. Stirring and fridge/freezer until it has reduced in temp is ideal.
  8. How do you prepare watermelon?

    3 2 1 method. 3 cups vinegar, 2 cups water, and 1 cup sugar. Put rinds in jar and boil everything and pour over rinds refrigerate and wait a couple days.
  9. Recteq B380? Pros, cons?

    correct me if I'm wrong but it appears you may have the 340.
  10. Let's talk BBQ sauce.

    My brother's mustard bbq. Dont be scared of the amount of sugar it's not sweet.
  11. Kroger finally

    Isn't that Sam's regular price though?
  12. lomo al trapo

    Did you soak the cloth in water or anything?
  13. lomo al trapo

    Gonna try this with a backstrap tomorrow.
  14. Where to buy Wagyu?

    black stone griddle works best for me. I've sous vide wagyu before but I've eaten enough that I tend to cook smaller portions now
  15. Where to buy Wagyu?

    Here's a ribeye and strip a5 kagoshima
  16. Where to buy Wagyu?

    mitches meat market on 92 has it in Roswell but will be a premium vs online ordering. Order online from https://meatthebutchers.com/

    A good lasagna and garlic/cheese bread
  18. Traeger; any recommendations

    Stay away from Kingsford's pellets. Burn way to fast. Lumber jack pellets and rec tec pellets have been top 2 for me. Rec tec grills FTW
  19. HoBo packs

    Peel an onion make cuts in it similar to a bloomin onion(just to open the layers) smash a chicken bullion cube in it wrap in foil.
  20. Post up your reviews - Favorite BBQ restaurant?

    top bbq fav's in no particular order: 441 south, smoke jack, que bbq, pig n chick, fox bros, and big uns is always decent.
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