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  1. POS Ford F150 Help

    it was a star but socket. It’s the only thing I had to grip the square head on the tap.
  2. POS Ford F150 Help

    Yes this is exactly what I'm dealing with.. My issue is finding a square adaptor to place on top of the ez out. I stripped one of my sockets trying to get it.
  3. POS Ford F150 Help

    I'm good for some side line peanut gallery
  4. POS Ford F150 Help

    I'm really debating on using the map gas on it to heat up the cylinder. I can't drive it now with it being the way it is.
  5. POS Ford F150 Help

    I don't think that tool posted with the Amazon link will work on this one.
  6. POS Ford F150 Help

    You try to be nice and this is what they do to you. I should have just did as I was intending to do and set it up as a trade in. But I wanted to get rid of the check engine light before hand and now I'm here. I was debating on drilling but don't think I want to go that route as it seems a bit...
  7. POS Ford F150 Help

    I have no clue what a heli coil is. This is the lovely 4.6L V8
  8. POS Ford F150 Help

    The last thing I want to do is remove the head. That will take me all of 2 days and about 36+ beers, plus I don't have all the knowledge to put it all back together. I can break stuff good but not put that stuff back together.
  9. POS Ford F150 Help

    Nope I wish.. that part broke off and then all the porcelain came up with the rubber insolation of the spark plug socket. The only part left is the threaded portion of the plug.
  10. POS Ford F150 Help

    do you mean try to tighten it up and then try to back it out?
  11. POS Ford F150 Help

    That came off as soon as I started applying pressure to remove the spark plug. I have to use a reverse threader to grab into what is left.
  12. POS Ford F150 Help

    Here is the pic of the cylinder
  13. POS Ford F150 Help

    I have a 1997 F150 that was gifted to me by the in-laws and its been a maintenance beast. It has approximately 125k on it and the check engine light came on. My OBDll reader came back with a misfire in cylinder #1. I removed the spark plug without issue and it was nasty AF. At this point I...
  14. Gifted F150

    I'm glad to hear the 4.6 has that much reliability. I'll just swap parts out that I believe needs it with new in the upcoming weeks. Thanks for the info guys.
  15. Gifted F150

    I was told not to change the fluid in transmission because of it having 100k. So do you suggest I do a drain and fill and not a flush? Also should I just swap out the springs and struts at the same time? You suggest any one?
  16. Gifted F150

    Good to know!
  17. Gifted F150

    Tires are a year old and he only put 100 miles on them after install.
  18. Gifted F150

    My wife's dad is unable to drive anymore and gifted me his 1997 F150. It's a long bed that's appears in good shape. I was thinking of using it as my work truck when I just need to haul material. It has 118k on the 4.6 V8. I replaced the tie rods, wheels bearings, front brakes and ball joints...
  19. Preventive maintenance for F150

    I’m looking for the 5.4 engine
  20. Preventive maintenance for F150

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