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  1. Woodworking Materials

    My condolences on your loss. Sent from my SM-G981V using Tapatalk
  2. Grandpa’s Guns

    Very nice collection that you inherited. It's nice to see people trying to keep heirlooms to be passed down through the generations. I've inherited all but two guns that belonged to my grandparents and my father. They will stay in my possession until I'm gone or until the next generation gets...
  3. AR-15 porn (LETS SEE EM GUYS)

    Just finished the rattle can paint job. Waiting on the optics and sights to arrive. Sent from my SM-G981V using Tapatalk

    Now I need to find a shop reasonably close. I could order one, but I'd like to shop local if possible. Sent from my SM-G981V using Tapatalk

    The airsoft guns would allow us to run real life scenarios without the dangers. Using the actual vehicles we drive and the location of our pdws would allow us to find our trouble areas and correct them. It will also help teach the kids x in case things go south and they have to step up and...

    With ammo being outrageously priced and scarce, not to mention limited places to shoot, I've been contemplating buying some airsoft guns. My wife is new to the world of firearms and has limited experience. I was thinking of getting a G2C airsoft replica, as that's what she chose for a pdw...
  7. My fathers words after death.

    My condolences on your loss. I know your pain. I lost my father in December of 2019. It has been rough on me, because the person I needed the most in my life is gone. Congratulations on the birth of your son. This past Monday, my first grandson was born. Sent from my SM-G981V using Tapatalk
  8. Do the Casey Birchwood Cold Bluing kits stink? Or am I just dumb?

    I've used it on several guns. I've noticed that some take the blue better than others. The ones that didn't darken up, ended up looking like a gun that had been used, but well taken care of. Others looked like new. I found it worked better if I used hot water to rinse it. Afterwards I...
  9. Black guns are boring....

    Got this in a trade a few years back. It was already rattle canned when I got it. The paint was wearing off, so I decided to update it a little. Sent from my SM-G981V using Tapatalk
  10. Black guns are boring....

    The trigger is very nice. Has been a lot of fun and accurate with cheap ammo. Sent from my SM-T290 using Tapatalk
  11. Black guns are boring....

    Recently added this one to the collection, after searching for months. Sent from my SM-G981V using Tapatalk

    I put a Rugged Obsidian 9 and a sparrow 22 in jail the other day. Now to sit and wait on them to get paroled. These will mostly be used on my handguns. I will be getting a rifle can after I get these in my possession. Sent from my SM-T290 using Tapatalk

    The main ones I really want to suppress is the pistols calibers and the 300 blackout. The 5.56 16" would be an occasional thing. Sent from my SM-G981V using Tapatalk
  14. The 06’

    I've never lost a deer to my old savage 110 30-06. Thinking of building one for long range shooting. Sent from my SM-G981V using Tapatalk

    The AR hosts that I have are 5.56 7.5" and 16", 300AAC 10.5" and 16", 9mm 7.5" and 16", along with a couple pistols in 9mm, .22LR, and 45ACP, plus a 16" .22LR. I'm ok with having two different suppressors that are serviceable. Sent from my SM-G981V using Tapatalk

    So if a can states a 7.5" barrel, that means it should be good for a longer barrel? The lgs I'm going through sells Gemtech and Rugged. I know Gemtech has a good reputation. The rugged has the ability to be shortened. Would it be a better choice? Sent from my SM-G981V using Tapatalk

    I have a couple of different weapons I'd like to run a suppressor on, from time to time. These would be 5.56, 300AAC, 22LR, and 9mm. I have pistol length and carbine length in all of these. A few questions I have about suppressors are: Do you have to run different suppressors on pistols and...
  18. Item Gone: FS/FT Canik TP9 Combat Elite BNIB

    The logistics and my work schedule would prevent me from traveling. Sent from my SM-G981V using Tapatalk
  19. Item Gone: FS/FT Canik TP9 Combat Elite BNIB

    I want one of these. Sent from my SM-G981V using Tapatalk
  20. So I've got this older Remington Model 11....

    It's an old term used to describe the height of the brass. The two shells you posted would be described as a high brass (red) and a low brass (yellow). The low brass usually has a lower powder charge and the result may be that it will not have enough power to cycle the action. In my franchise...
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