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  1. update on 2024, 2500 HD

    we are going to cut the fifth wheel attachment in in the next couple of weeks, some type of hidden ball
  2. update on 2024, 2500 HD

    i a i am so happy that i no longer have to ride with a few OT. of oil!

    forklift baby boy! only 12 oz. lifts for me!

    ONLY PAYING.6 cents per pound! may make $1000 on this! 35-40 pieces 30 foot long! 25 lbs per foot!
  5. update on 2024, 2500 HD

    yes sir! 6.6 gas
  6. update on 2024, 2500 HD

    oh yes i am doing the math myself too
  7. chevy 2500 8 lug wheels/tires for sale!

    2024 Chevy HD 2500 wheels and tires for sale Goodyear Wrangler, two 7565R 20 4 wheels & tires $2.500 OBO
  8. update on 2024, 2500 HD

    hey mike 14.9 MPG ALL TOW MILES
  9. scrap run number 13 or 14

  10. scrap run number 13 or 14

    not a huge payoff but it’s still $$$$ and heavy weight!
  11. Mountain Folk

    of course I’m here in Virginia at the plant and we have plenty of twins here on plant site, but on camera and Piedmont Alabama, nothing has hit the ground yet not one single picture of a fawn!
  12. Mountain Folk

  13. My problem is I outweigh nearly every tree stands capacity on the market.

    better make your own with all that FINE ASS,
  14. The neighbors are listening too…(drinking thread)

    I know your renters across the pond. They’re not listening to anything that you can understand.
  15. update on 2024, 2500 HD

    true that! I haven’t checked fuel mileage. This is the bottom of the line so it doesn’t have any of the fancy keep up with the mileage on its own, but I filled up yesterday and I did write the mileage down to check ! pecker size 0
  16. scrap run number 13 or 14

    definitely 316
  17. update on 2024, 2500 HD

    got the automatic step rails put on today! You really cannot tell that they’re there when they are closed really cool design.
  18. scrap run number 13 or 14

    I forgot what scrap run it is. This is not a big payoff but it is a lot of weight supposed to be going to be $.25 a pound. It’s got a 4 inch stainless pump shaft rod all the way through. and at each pump, they are either brass propellers or stainless.
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