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  1. The real Popeye 😁

  2. Was your childhood complete ?

  3. I figured I’d better post this one here…

    Why can't they just let him bee .
  4. Gonna b a shooter

    Tasty lookin shooter 🤪
  5. Thanks for all the prayers

    Welcome back DD 👍🇺🇸🙏
  6. Turn off that light please 🎂

  7. Giveaway Game *Hint: Alexis ***Winner

    Seat cushion
  8. Giveaway Game *Hint: Alexis ***Winner

  9. Giveaway Game *Hint: Alexis ***Winner

  10. Giveaway Game *Hint: Alexis ***Winner

    Bucket seat
  11. Giveaway Game *Hint: Alexis ***Winner

    Hemmeroid pad
  12. Giveaway Game *Hint: Alexis ***Winner

    Gun rug
  13. Real Question with Your Funny Answers

  14. old does

    Hey girl. Luv your backstraps 🤪🤪
  15. The Rule of Lies

    They all work for their father. The father of all liars.
  16. You can do it Al 👍

  17. Hickok 45

  18. You will not be stealing…..

  19. "That Jump Took Guts. But to Wear Your Mom's Jumpsuit Took Some Real Balls!"

    We lived on the corner of Chrome Ave & Quailroost dr.
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