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  1. Anyone know why we fix things that are not broken?

    Agreed. The timing sucked tho
  2. Anyone know why we fix things that are not broken?

    If I didn't have faith, I would not have blew off steam to the entire ODT To begin with. I guess my rant left out that part and for that I apologize. I also am fresh (1 week exactly) into a new phone that I absolutely despise, when the new change occoured,here. That did not help. I'm sure 1 year...
  3. Anyone know why we fix things that are not broken?

    Like the title says. The ODT has been my go to for not only the sport and hobby of firearms and firearm related items, but for entertainment, socializing with like minded individuals that share the same moral and political views as I do. And we sometimes share a sick and twisted sense of humor...

    They don't make them like this anymore. From my personal stash, and I will let the pics speak for this beautiful old school Ruger.Ive loved this gun for a long time. But The grass is always greener........Yall know what I'm talking about. STAINLESS BEAUTIMUS. Due to whoever decided the outdoor...
  5. North West GA FS/FT Reduced ~ Smith and Wesson Model Boxed 34-1 nice Blued 4in Pinned 1980 .22LR ~

    These are great pics of this gun. But it looks much better in person.
  6. North West GA FS/FT ~ ~ RARE SMITH & WESSON "SILHOUETTE" 29-3 .44 Mag 10-5/8" Barrel Blued ~ ~

    Nice.. Just imagine how she would look in heels.
  7. Item Gone: FS Marlin Papoose takedown .22lr

    Wow. Someone left money on the table. And another someone has a horseshoe up his exaust
  8. FT Bisley 45 convertible

    Offer still stands.
  9. Tires

    Tires. The firewood of the Future. Greta approved.
  10. Item Gone: FS 3” Smith and Wesson 29-3 dated 11/85; NIB

    I literally watched one of these SELL For 3k and change on that hi dollar auction site about 2 or 3 Sunday nights ago. I have one as well, and thats kinda why I was following it.
  11. North West GA FS Smith & Wesson 357mag 27-2

    Sometime when you are bored, check out brackish waters.
  12. Item Gone: FT .

    Haven't really thought about cash. But we will start at 1900. Your thoughts are welcome and my skin is thicker than a lot of folks I've pissed off here lately. OP Of this thread not included. Did not mean to crowd him with my trade offer in public. But I just got a dreaded new phone and its ot...
  13. North West GA FS Smith & Wesson 357mag 27-2

    I did not set out to offend you,Sir. Just trying to brighten the day with laughter for all of us who are getting to the age we have to have that sort of thing checked from time to time. You have a very desirable Smith. And always remember, if we could not laugh,we would all be crying. Gokd day,Sir.
  14. Item Gone: FT .

    I'd trade you this for it.
  15. North West GA FS Smith & Wesson 357mag 27-2

    Never saw a gloved hand on ODT holding a gun.. Seems like that makes the gun cost more on that gun auction website.
  16. North West GA FS Smith & Wesson 357mag 27-2

    So.... Its prostate is normal, I presume?
  17. Glocks at Georgia Gun Store

    Some things you just can't compensate for.:boink:
  18. Glocks at Georgia Gun Store

    Maybe the kydex holsters, but my hypocrisy can only run so deep. After all,, I would mot even own a Glock or anything else plastic other than the AR stocks till 2016. If a holster ain't leather, then my holster is a pocket. Sorry.
  19. Glocks at Georgia Gun Store

    The 30s is underrated in mu opinion. My daughter begs me for my g3 19 She likely shoots it better than I do. Youth and vision I suppose. But she hated my 30s and 23. Both gen 4.However, she was sent the OPs original pics in this thread about 2 hrs ago.Im tempted to go get the 19x and give her my...
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