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  1. At Work

    At work
  2. Fla Mural

    Mural in Florida on the back of EVO Italian restaurant painted by Jason Newsted old bassist from Metallica.
  3. First Day.........

    First day of TN permitless carry.
  4. Great Movie: Uncle Tom

    Just watched "Uncle Tom" by Larry Elder on Amazon with my wife and 2 boys. Great movie! (language warning) I rank it up there with American Gospel (the first one) as 2 of the best movies I've seen in a long time if not ever. Give it a shot.
  5. Mid GA ya’ll

    Apparently Mid GA is all alight these days over the opening of a new gas station...(Bucc-ees). I am a fan of Beaver Nuggets though. Lane Packing and the Air Base Museum are gonna get a run for their money....
  6. Weather........

    Just spent last week in Mid Ga (Houston County) and it was HOT! Around 75 during the day. Came back here to the E TN mountains and it's snowing like crazy. It was good to see family though.
  7. Knoxville Comic-Con/Fanboy Expo

    Drove through K Ville a bit ago and the there were nerd herds EVERYWHERE!
  8. Load Workup in Mosin

    Went shooting on Saturday and was impressed with a 2400 load I am working on in the New England Westinghouse M91
  9. Remington 783? Opinions....

    Please let me know what you folks think of them.
  10. Ahhhh! Back In East TN

    Made it down to Mid GA (Houston County) for turkey day. Had a great time visiting family and friends, but was glad to get back to Ol Rocky Top! I had my head on a swivel the WHOLE time. Perry was looking very shady.
  11. The Mountain

  12. 8MM Hakim at the Range Today

    Guy at the range was shooting a Hakim with 1941 Turk ammo. That thing was LOUD! We were talking about the charging process and the dust cover and bolt interaction....Looks like it could take a finger if it wanted to. Neat old gun though.

    Great sale and great deals to be had. Courtney Hodges BLVD in Perry Ga. Doors open at 0800! GUNS-MOTORCYCLES-4WHEELERS-TOOLS ETC ETC If I'm out of line for posting this Mods let me know. Just trying to let folks know!
  14. Hot Chocolate Peppermint Schnapps

    This may be already known, but I poured peppermint Schnapps in my wife's hot chocolate and it tastes exactly like a York peppermint patty. Figured I'd share the tip.
  15. Crossed Plug Wires????

    I just rebuilt my upper end on the Toyota 22RE....... Same truck I had to trouble shoot a few months back for an electrical issue. This time it was head gasket, water pump, timing chain set w/guides, etc etc. Well after getting it all back together I gave the key a turn and when it cranked it...
  16. I WON!!!

    I won a 5lb Bologna "log"? Not sure what it is called. I shot a turkey shoot today and won a full "stick" of bologna. .45 ACP 230 Lee TC cast bullet over 5gr. Alliant Bullseye. Came in second for the ham. Had to shoot again to redeem myself.

    From my cold dead hands!!!! Yeah right! I went cold on them when they fought SB 308 in ATL!
  18. Puff Ball Mushrooms

    Got a good amount of them out of the yard and sliced up one of the bigger ones and fried it in butter and olive oil. Topped off with salt, pepper garlic. Very tasty. On the hunt for some morels now.
  19. Toyota Pickup Battery Drain................

    I have a 1995 Toyota pickup with a 22RE motor. Have had a slow drain on the battery for years, and it is now so bad it won't last an 8 hr shift at work without straining to crank. I had the alternator checked and the battery checked and both are good and strong. I did a test with a test light...
  20. Red Jacket Will Hayden Gets Life

    Life without parole, probation or the chance to appeal. I like it. His guns sucked and he was a retard.
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