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  1. Colt snake guns don't suck, but......

    The snake bubble is coming! The market is sure to crash and burn. With that said you should cash in and sell every snake and colt you have to me. Get out while you still can!! :pop2:
  2. Colt snake guns don't suck, but......

    You want an investment collectable item then buy a Colt, If you just want something to shoot and throw around then of course buy something else My favorite gun to shoot is a S&W 27.... but nothing will beat a Python as far as action goes, or collectability goes.
  3. My unicorn has been caught!

    Just so you know you are the 3rd owner of the gun The original owner "claims" that the gun was never even fired I am glad that I could help you in your search for your "unicorn"
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