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  1. Glocks and AR's

    This guy really has nothing better to do with his life than try to offend people over the Internet. Step away from the computer in your moms basement
  2. Glocks and AR's

    Never said I was a "Doctor," just that I have a doctorate degree
  3. Glocks and AR's

    And.... You wanted to pitch a fit so bad today that you commented on a thread that hasn't been commented on in over a month.... Just so you could pitch a fit on a computer
  4. Glocks and AR's

    I wanna cry and pitch a fit for thinking that someone else is crying and pitching a fit. I am sure that if I pitch my fit and tell them how stupid they are that they will no longer pitch a fit. Never mind the fact that I can't take a joke, I just wanna pitch a fit.... Darn child. Maybe if you...
  5. Glocks and AR's

    Yea, my doctorate degree makes me a moron
  6. Glocks and AR's

    It's always funny when some up tight person can't understand sarcasm and a funny thread. I feel sorry for you
  7. Glocks and AR's

    I cried for a little while, but I put my big boy underwear back on and decided it would be ok
  8. Glocks and AR's

    oh but my fingers get so tired and I miss so much good stuff scrolling past all the plastic stuff that is pumped out by the millions each year
  9. Glocks and AR's

    Hahahaha ain't that the truth
  10. Glocks and AR's

    Just tired of seeing plastic guns clutter up my feed
  11. Glocks and AR's

    Each and everyday I feel that every other ad I look at in handguns is a Glock and nearly 80% of rifles are AR's It would be nice for glocks and AR's to have their own section. Handguns Glocks Revolvers Rifles AR's Shotguns
  12. I'll take it doesn't always mean you get it

  13. I'll take it doesn't always mean you get it

    hahaha again, i could care less. I was just starting a useless conversation about something that I am sure many people have had happen but i do like the phrase, "vagina monologue." that is a new one that I will have to steal
  14. I'll take it doesn't always mean you get it

    haha since this is under the, "stupid section" stuff i would have to agree that "i'll buy it" makes more sense than, "i'll take it." but for some reason "i'll take it" has become the most often used phrase again im not "whining" and some of you may actually see that if you took time to read...
  15. I'll take it doesn't always mean you get it

    haha once again, I posted this under the forum section of, "stupid stuff." I know that it is dumb and stupid. I was just simply venting about something that I am sure that other people have ran into in the past as well. You get excited thinking you are going to get something you have been...
  16. I'll take it doesn't always mean you get it

    I understand that it happens, and i'll move on just fine. Which is why i posted this thread under the section of, "stupid stuff." I figured it would fit a perfect description of something that was dumb and stupid to complain about, yet also something that i am sure others have ran into from...
  17. I'll take it doesn't always mean you get it

    it did seem a little too good to be true, especially coming from a new member. I would have probably wanted to have done that one at an FFL
  18. I'll take it doesn't always mean you get it

    I understand that, but that was just to make sure that the gun wasn't drug through the ringer. I am a man of my word and as long as the gun had looked DECENT i would have been more than happy to have taken it. Hard to be a man of your word and commit to something 100% without a picture and...
  19. I'll take it doesn't always mean you get it

    maybe someone beat me to it faster than the 120 seconds that it took me, which is why there is the, "ill take it" usually posted in the thread to help square those kinds of things away. The guy who posted the gun was relatively new to the trader and probably thought the last person in his pm box...
  20. I'll take it doesn't always mean you get it

    Saw a gun I had been looking for today, and happened to see it as soon as it came up for sale. I replied with an "I'll take it" within 2 minutes of the original post and followed it up with a PM The reply i got was, "i'm selling it to someone else." just the kind of stuff that pisses me off
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