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  1. Free. 410 hulls 3"

    Gone to the trash.
  2. Free. 410 hulls 3"

    I have a few boxes of free 3" .410 hulls if anyone reloads them. You have to come to Varnell to get them.
  3. Free brass

  4. Work bench ( Free to Veterans)

    Very nice of you. If it were closer I would be on it.
  5. Free brass

  6. Free brass

    Free 45 acp and 9mm brass. Must pickup in Varnell.
  7. GONE

    I am going to pass on the speakers. A little too far for me. I am posting your pics though.
  8. Bandolier(gone)

    What kind of bandoleer is that? I was in the Army in 89 and don't think I have seen that.
  9. Chainsaw

    I'll take it if it is still available.
  10. FREE Chainsaw, trimmer and leaf blower condition unknown

    I will take it.
  11. Gone. Please delete

    I'll take it.
  12. Washer and Dryer

    Call the Salvation Army they will be glad to pick them up from you.
  13. FREE FREE Glock Promo Pack

    Never got mine either. No big deal as I don't like Glocks anyway.
  14. Free Wheels and Tires

    Ah, ok.
  15. Free Wheels and Tires

    Anyone can change run flat tires. Plus you don't have to replace with run flats. I switched mine to regular tires and the ride is way better.
  16. Almost new 70" Sony Smart TV

    Gone. Thanks.
  17. Almost new 70" Sony Smart TV

    BTW, I believe it will be gone on Friday as I meeting someone that wants it.
  18. Almost new 70" Sony Smart TV

    Wish I would have known that. Make a great garage TV since insurance bought a new one for the house.
  19. Almost new 70" Sony Smart TV

    I have a Sony HD Smart TV was only about 8-9 months old when I replaced it last year. It was the victim of a power surge and will no longer power up. I believe it is repairable, but not many people do this repair. I spoke with one repair guy and said it probably needs a new board and power...
  20. **Gone**

    Yeah, I work in ATL.
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