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  1. Old you giving young you firearms advice...

    Don't let a hack 'gunsmith' anywhere near your rifles. That M1903 Springfield should not be sold.
  2. 2 year shelf life ammo?

    Nah, he needs to be at a LGS or pawn shop. He'll fit right in.
  3. For All The Firefighters and Cops on Here

    I'm sensitive? You seem to be the one having a breakdown over a simple comment.
  4. For All The Firefighters and Cops on Here

    Oh, I'm so sorry that I forgot to 'like' your post. Will the Blue Canary please forgive my transgression? If anyone needs to lighten up, it's you.
  5. Caption this…

    Drive-Thru: Achievement Unlocked!
  6. For All The Firefighters and Cops on Here

    Cute, funny and really wrong. First in to a lot of scenes long before LE showed up.
  7. CMP 1911 lottery

    Patience. RGN = Eventual 1911.
  8. Getting texts off phone onto computer

    Text messaging (phone) does not translate well to a PC online. Suggest you use FB messenger, which works on either platform. It's okay, Zuckerberg won't mind. :P Seriously. . . Texts are phone specific, while messaging apps can cross platforms. Both are evil, but you will have to pick one.
  9. Shooting Zombies On a $30,000 simulator w/ real guns ( video )

    Had the chance to 'play' with one of those designed specifically for Bradley drivers and gunners. Very educational!
  10. Shooting Zombies On a $30,000 simulator w/ real guns ( video )

    And then there's the Kobiashi Maru scenario. . . . FATS is a great training tool. Most 'excessive force' complainants would benefit greatly from a few hours in a FATS room (along with their Lawyers, Jurors and Presiding Judges)
  11. Shooting Zombies On a $30,000 simulator w/ real guns ( video )

    There are a LOT of people on both sides of the gun control/2A arguments that I would love to put in a FATS room for a few hours.
  12. This will make your head hurt

    No argument there. Still a messed up situation because of incompetence. If the Dealership requires the owner to give up the keys so the vehicle can be serviced, liability should now fall upon the Dealership. How is the vehicle owner supposed to know that the person he was required to give...
  13. This will make your head hurt

    Saw this earlier. Interesting take from the lawyer, that the vehicle owner is responsible for the actions of another person operating a vehicle. Umm, pretty sure that is the purpose of insurance. By his definition, Jeep should also be on the hook for manufacturing/selling a vehicle that...
  14. Window Replacement Recommendations?

    We used Champion Window for 9 double hung windows and a twin door Lifetime warranty. No issues with installation. We have had two panes go bad in 18 years. Both were replaced quickly with no hassle or issues. Not the cheapest way to go. But, there is a lot to be said for a true lifetime...
  15. Need some advice!

    VA will provide a grave marker. Often this is worked out by the funeral home or cemetery administrator. Entitled to an American flag from the VA No cost burial-internment in a National Cemetery. (Nevermind. I see you are planning on using an existing plot) Funeral Honors information...
  16. Whose been scoped?

    Laugh at my pain! :D
  17. Whose been scoped?

    My asshole of a step-father thought it would be funny to let me shoot his 30-06 at deer camp. I was 13 and had never fired anything larger than .22LR. No training or instructions given. Black eye and a scar I wear to this day. One of the reasons for my pathological hatred of most 'Stupid...
  18. Want to Buy computer

    If not wanting anything fancy, you can get a new 14" laptop for around $300 or so on Amazon, Walmart or BestBuy.
  19. Need a soundproof wall.

    That's a bit different then. Remember that Karen's will complain about anything - real or imagined. Sounds like you have a place that will work out as you want it to do. Not doubting your experience or commitment and I hope it works out well. Rock On!
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