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    Shot this last weekend at The Arena to a mile. Got the job done. Didn't shoot any 100 yard groups though.
  2. AAC Customer Service/Don’t Buy

    ECCO Machine will be the better route.
  3. Metro Atlanta FS CZ 50

  4. Metro Atlanta FS CZ 50

  5. Looking To Buy My First .223/5.56 Can

    The SureFire cans leak gas from the back of the can. They call it a venting system. I shot the SOCOM 762 RC-2 on a SCAR 17S and it was fine, but I think owner had a better gas jet on the rifle. I dont think its that much of a problem personally, but to each is own.
  6. ODT NFA tracker thread

    Just look at the name of the street they're located on. Needy Rd, for a Needy Gov't!!
  7. Handful of Dead Air cans for sale

    I'll take the Mask!
  8. Long Range shooting at Arena in Blakely GA

    Those steaks, asparagus, and chicken skewers were excellent!! The wind was serious downrange, and the range didnt have any wind flags so it made reading a bit difficult. The cheat sheet at the range table was helpful also.
  9. Vortex Razor Gen 3 6-36x

    FINALLY I got to get some range time with this optic. AMAZING OPTIC! Was able to stretch the AI AXSA 6.5CM out to 1,900 yards! One of the features of this scope that I love is the amount of elevation this scope has. True 36mils was able to keep me going out far, while others had to settle for...
  10. Long Range shooting at Arena in Blakely GA

    With those BBQ skills you possess, it's gonna be hard!!
  11. Long Range shooting at Arena in Blakely GA

    Don't know how this one didn't post.
  12. Long Range shooting at Arena in Blakely GA

    Here's a picture of the temp yesterday and layout of the land. Will have to trim some video to post.
  13. Long Range shooting at Arena in Blakely GA

    Had an AWESOME time this weekend!!! Thanks to @Gert van Rooyen for organizing this event and the others who came out. Can't wait to see y'all again.
  14. C&H Precision

    Copy that.
  15. C&H Precision

    Where are they located?
  16. ODT NFA tracker thread

  17. Proposed Shooting Facility Support Rome, GA

    Copy that Brigadier General!!
  18. Long Range shooting at Arena in Blakely GA

    I'll be there noon sharp. If possible, can we park where the range is or do we have to make a long haul from the parking lot to the range?
  19. Proposed Shooting Facility Support Rome, GA

    I didn't see a website for the range. I guess I'll have to drive down, register, then shoot to join?
  20. High capacity magazine ban in RI

    Should start a mag buy back here for that state.
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