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  1. So what’s the deal with pre lock?

    I said it was one more thing to fail. Actually it is mutiple items that comprises the fugly Hillary-Hole.
  2. So what’s the deal with pre lock?

    Smith makes semiautos with out a lock or safety, but some how a long trigger pull heavier trigger weight revolver must have one? Some people prefer their revolvers with no A$$ hole on the face of it. Look at the history of the Hillary Lock and you will see its origin and the sell out of the...
  3. Why no s&w .40 caliber????????

    40 > 9
  4. Why don't people like the 40 cal?

    The reason the FBI likes the 9mm over the 40 is because it has less recoil. A lot of their people shoot a 40 worse than they shoot a 9. They figure a hit is better than a miss. But doesn't that same logic apply to a 380? I bet you could really improve their shooting scores if they dropped...
  5. Why don't people like the 40 cal?

    So bullet technolgy has improved the poor little 9mm so much that now it can play with the big boys, but somehow that technolgy has not improved the 40 projectile at all?? Pass the popcorn!
  6. Why don't people like the 40 cal?

    I like 40's. But I also like 9's, 10's, 45s, 357 mags, 38s, 44s, and 22lr. I had a Glock 27 for many years and it shot great. Does anyone who has shot a 9 and a 40 side by side actually believe a 9 is as effective as a 40? Don't believe me, do it yourself. That being said, I prefer a...
  7. Locked Firearm Sales

    I think you are right. It came up on my latest posting, and I thought I had scr3wed something up. I didn't even realize that I could unlock it.
  8. Locked Firearm Sales

    Just curious, does anyone know what's going on with all the locked "firearm for sale threads"?
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