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  1. 2022 Trail Cam Pics

    I know. It scored 134 5/8. I can only dream about what he woulda been at 6.5.
  2. 2022 Trail Cam Pics

    He wasn't. He was 135 pounds. He looked way bigger from the tree.
  3. 2022 Trail Cam Pics

    The biologists on fort gordon aged and scored him.
  4. 2022 Trail Cam Pics

    That's a hard task in georgia. Easier on private land though. The one I shot last year was 3.5. I would have bet my paycheck he was 5.5 when I saw him coming up. I don't regret it though. You pass up a big buck on public land and someone else will pull the trigger on him.
  5. 2022 Trail Cam Pics

    He needs a couple more years. Where you hunting again?
  6. 100% Chance Jody is Banging This Dude’s Wife While He’s Deployed….

    She'll be getting a train ride before his plane even lands.
  7. Out on bail

    Do the smell test first.
  8. Out on bail

    Never heard of her.
  9. Veteran Jobs in Cowetta/Heard

    If agr is your goal then you should wait to do the VA stuff.
  10. Veteran Jobs in Cowetta/Heard

    Have you looked at clearance jobs or USA jobs? That TS will get you a job for a contractor or the gubment. Might have to commute a bit from where you are.
  11. Still want to fight.

    I understand the feeling of lacking purpose. I think you could do more here than over there though. Life can change quickly and you could find that purpose here tomorrow. Whatever you do , do it for you. You are getting long in the tooth and deserve to feel good about your life.
  12. Rut week

    I like how you think.
  13. Rut week

    How long have you been hunting there?
  14. Beware the gas pump—Updated post #8

    I understand that. Cash is king for many.
  15. Beware the gas pump—Updated post #8

    Lesson learned without losing money. Turned out ok. I learned many years ago to not use a debit card for most things. Fighting to get your money back is a ****er. Cash or credit. It's easier to dispute and deal with a bad cc transaction.
  16. Tent Living ain’t that bad

    It will be done one way or another soon enough. Then you see where you are at and keep pushing in the right direction. Time will heal it and you'll be fine in the end.
  17. Prayer requests

    How are you feeling? I hope the worst is behind you and you get healed up real quick.
  18. Anyone know where to get Blanton's bourbon?

    Trying to keep up with them will get ya ****faced. After about 5 bottles of soju my legs stop working.
  19. Bad luck comes in threessssssssssss

    That's tough bud. I'll be praying for you.
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