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  1. NFL Doubles Down on Social Justice

    Some people are willing to fund their own demise. Maybe in a few years they will be allowed to watch a game from their cell in the gulag if they have a high enough social score.
  2. NFL Doubles Down on Social Justice

  3. NFL in Decline

    NFL=BLM=Antifa To me the math is simple. I am a patriot 1st and a sports fan way down the list. If you disrespect America and its flag, don't expect me to be your fan. You fools who still support the NFL are funding your own demise. You won't even realize what you had until you have helped...
  4. Hasta la Vista NASCAR

    Talking about missed opportunities, did Trojan blow it by not sponsoring Dick Trickle or what? It would have been a heluva hood graphic.
  5. Hasta la Vista NASCAR

  6. Super Bowl Crash

  7. Super Bowl Crash

  8. Super Bowl Crash

  9. Super Bowl Crash

    These ratings when people are starving for entrainment. If Roger Goodell had reacted correctly to Kap and taking a knee, this would have been the highest rated and most watched super bowl of all times and it would have been coming off a huge season.
  10. Super Bowl Crash

  11. Super Bowl Halftime Show - sponsored by Pepsi

    Get ready for the halftime show to call you a white supremacist racist. It sounds like it will be vulgar with songs about f**king hoes, and n***r bros. Roger Goodell continues to bury the NFL. Last week Roger opined about so few head coach positions being offerd to blacks. I noticed he...
  12. NFL in Decline

  13. NFL in Decline

    A sport that got its start from outlaws running moonshine is hard to hate. But, it has been going downhill for many years. If I had to single out a date or event when the decline started, I would put it at Earnhardt's death. He was a racer and was competitive as anyone who ever lived...
  14. Vandy and The Wussy Kicker

    So Vandy finished the year with an 0 - 9 record. So how bad was that team? Vandy was so bad that my Chihuahua could have been a starter on that team.
  15. NFL in Decline

    I am sad to see the demise of what the NFL once was - what it meant to me, my family, my friends, even to America. On the other hand, if today's NFL was a drowning person, I would pull a Ted Kennedy on him.
  16. NFL in Decline

    NFL commits hara-kiri. The Left ruins everything it touches. If Roger Goodell had had a lick of sense, he would have nicked it in the bud and protected the business and the brand. He didn't. Instead he wanted to go the woke route with the spoiled multimillionaires who had zero gratitude for...
  17. NFL in Decline

  18. Vandy and The Wussy Kicker

    Since she ruled college football, she should get the Heisman !!! I heard her next conquest is men's Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). She's going kick some butt !!!!
  19. Vandy and The Wussy Kicker

    She kicked the ball at start of 2nd half. The ball went about 25 yards in the air, and she ran off the field to get out of harms way. It was called a "squib kick". An intentional squib kick would have been an idiot tactical move under the circumstances - start of the half, way behind in...
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