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  1. Introducing me from Woodstock

    Welcome! I am in Woodstock as well.
  2. New Guy in Acworth

    Welcome! I am also in Acworth. If you ever need any lawn maintenance let me know!
  3. New Old Guy from Woodstock

    Welcome! I’m in Woodstock as well. Glad to see more guys join from the same area.
  4. New Guy in Canton

    Welcome! I’m not far from Canton at all.
  5. New to the forum.

    Welcome to the addiction
  6. new from statesboro

  7. What's up Guys

  8. This site is ****in great

  9. Hey all!

  10. Checking in from Atlanta

  11. The new go-to site!

  12. Another New Guy

  13. New to the site

  14. Hello, New to the site

    Welcome to the ODT!!
  15. Benhad here

    I've bought/sold/traded on here from my dads account(benhad) and finally made my own account. Looking to buy a house soon so I'm selling a few guns.. They are posted on my dads account now but will post them from this account from now on. Thanks ODT!
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