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  1. Millenials

    Well damn. I would call around to local hardware shops before traveling then.
  2. Millenials

    My local Ace carries them lol in Woodstock if that's not too far from you. lol
  3. Whats the worst gun you have ever owned

    Fnx 45 tactical was a big waste of money. Not accurate at all. Didn’t have much range even with RMR. Definetly not worth the $950 I had spent on it. I do love me an FN5.7 though.
  4. Do you keep looking at classified even when you got no money for guns?

    Theoutdoor”trader”.com LOL sorry for being a smart ass.
  5. So what's your New Year tradition?

    I’ll be much happier than you are that’s for sure. Have a good night buddy.
  6. So what's your New Year tradition?

    I think you need to get laid. Maybe that’s your problem.
  7. So what's your New Year tradition?

    Lol! You’re not worth my time. Have fun and Happy New Years buddy.
  8. So what's your New Year tradition?

    Real cute behind the computer screen. Lol maybe you will grow up one day.
  9. What color screen you use?

    Green is easier on my eyes. Only reason
  10. This is what I get for being cheap

    This is why I ain't cheap lol gross..
  11. Guns quality or quainity

    Quality for sure
  12. Man walks into bathroom at Walmart and exposes himself to my daughter

    I hope they can catch him!! I would of shot him.
  13. Turn your friggin lights on!!!

    I'm in a 9" lifted f150 on 37's with HID headlights and led fog lights. Would you rather have me turn them on or off at night? Lmao
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