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  1. Ken Ford, is this your latest project?

    THAT will get him to the racetrack in a hurry...
  2. Final decision disposing of cremated remains of a terrible person.

    spread him in a gay male couples garden....
  3. North West GA FS Shadow Systems DR920 with threaded barrel (SPM)

    Thinking on it...Might be up there this weekend anyway...
  4. Want to Buy  WTB CZ 75 Cold War commemorative

    Item Name: WTB CZ 75 Cold War commemorative Item Description: Looking for CZ75 Cold War commemorative, second run. The one with the pre b trigger guard. Must be in really good condition. Thanks.
  5. ODT Swap Meet @ TruPrep in Marietta, Sunday October 9

    I’m in if allowed, will bring my own table…
  6. Subsonic 223 ammo... with a MV of 2780fps?

    2780FPS in Uranus? Damn….that’s gonna leave a mark…
  7. What Is This?

    That explains a lot….I shall quit wearing my blue hat down at the pond….
  8. Where's your cat?

    That’s a big ass cat….
  9. Metro Atlanta FS MIcro RONI Conversion

    Like the older 9mm and 40 cal M&P? Or are we talking the shield or EZ pistols?
  10. Gun Shops in the Ghetto

    Maintain situational awareness Marine...
  11. What Is This?

    As stated, Bee or Bug trap....
  12. West GA  FS CZ P10F

    Item Name: FS CZ P10F Location: Douglasville Zip Code: 30134 Item is for: Sale Only Sale Price: $500.00 Caliber: 9mm Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: Very nice CZ P10F in olive drab green. It’s kind of hard to find the greenies. Has all three back straps...
  13. Item Relisted! FS CZ P10F

    This item has been relisted. The new listing can be found at
  14. Metro Atlanta FS/FT CZ 45 25acp

    Very cool…
  15. Item Relisted! FS CZ P10F

  16. North East GA FS 1911 colt 1927 made in argentina

    It was made in Argentina, but not on Colt machinery. Colt set them up to buy machinery from elsewhere that would match Colt machinery. They set up their own serial series, not related to Colt, except the first 10000 pistols, that we’re made here, and shipped to Argentina
  17. Tent Living ain’t that bad

    She gonna track you down and take half your tent?
  18. Item Gone: CZ Tactical Sport Orange 9mm

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