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  1. "Painting" with Bedliner

    Line-X of North Georgia and Line-X of Athens both told me $5k to spray a truck. It looks like I'll be doing it myself. :cool:
  2. "Painting" with Bedliner

    Nice. How much did they charge you? Did you prep it, or habe them do everything?
  3. "Painting" with Bedliner

    Has anyone here sprayed or rolled bedliner onto a vehicle exterior? How did it go? Are there any things that you would do differently if you were to attempt it again?
  4. Anybody here do automotive paint?

    Me, Dahlonega
  5. Anybody here do automotive paint?

    I need someone who does <$1k paint jobs on old trucks.
  6. Customizing a glock?

    Touche. I have not found any Glock custom shop that does a better job than Agency. Their frame work is exceptional. I have a Shadow Systems gun and it isn't even close.
  7. Customizing a glock?

    A quality gas pedal cut is an effective upgrade on a Glock. Everything else doesn't really improve shooter performance.
  8. Need opinions of my ODT family on what to do

    You sound like a fair person to deal with to me.
  9. Item Gone: FS Glock 17 Gen. 4

    I'll take it
  10. Item Gone: FS/FT item gone

    pm sent
  11. Item Gone: FS/FT NIB Glock 19X (night sights)

    PMing you - I have a lot of optics laying around
  12. Item Relisted! FS Agency Arms Glock 19 w/ RMR

    These are worth the high price.
  13. Item Relisted! FS/FT Oneida bow

    Size S or M?
  14. Team Training & Competition Event

    Is a more detailed explaination available? How large is the venue? Does this involve land navigation?
  15. North East GA FT 1979 Snub Python

    I looked at it for too long today. I may have to keep it.
  16. Item Relisted! FT Fully Kitted PWS MK111 Mod-2M

    Are you sure? That PWS is better than both the KAC and the HK guns.
  17. North East GA FT 1979 Snub Python

    I would strongly recommend that anyone seriously considering this gun inspect it themselves in person. I'll upload more pictures today.
  18. North East GA FT 1979 Snub Python

    I don't have anything but the revolver with what is pictured. I am not knowledgeable enough to grade collector stuff this nice. I knew enough to keep it in a dry safe and leave it alone. I will take very high resolution photos with a fancy DSLR lens in direct sunlight tomorrow and post...
  19. North East GA FT 1979 Snub Python

    I do not.
  20. North East GA FT 1979 Snub Python

    ~$3k trade value
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