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  1. WMA Shooting Range Etiquettes/ unspoken rules.

    Oh yeah the dreaded range nazis. Had some say something to my paw in law and me about drawing from a holster. We weren't double tapping or rapid firing, just practicing our draw. Guys came all the way from the rifle said to say something.
  2. Something tells me this isn’t the way you are supposed to do it

    A classic story of just because you can tow it doesn't mean you should
  3. Best gripe on ODT

    Grammar, and the police? :lol: I kid I kid
  4. DAMN IT! I didn't see the ****ing W.I.C. book!

    Oh that would be fun. Think it's entertaining now? Just wait! LOL
  5. DAMN IT! I didn't see the ****ing W.I.C. book!

    Yeah we have Fresh Market nearby, which is nice, it's just small and doesn't have a lot.
  6. DAMN IT! I didn't see the ****ing W.I.C. book!

    I've proudly avoided stepping foot in a Walmart for almost a year now. I just can't do it. Kroger is almost getting as bad around here in Macon. It's slowly becoming Walmart in that regard. I'll spend more to go to Publix to avoid the W.I.C. users for the most part. Damn right I'm elitist. I...
  7. Help a brother out….

    Dang he's at 1066 signatures this morning. There sure are a lot of morons out there.
  8. Crickets just Crickets. Is anyone buying or selling anything????

    Inflation, cost of living, coming in to the holiday season all play a role.
  9. First murder house I've been in that is listed for sale right now. Realtor had no idea and I found out after walking through the home

    The only thing that would concern me about a murder home is the circumstances that led to it. Was it a home knows for gang/drug activity? Bad part of town? I'd probably avoid then. But otherwise I'm not concerned with bad judu or spirits.
  10. Want to Buy Lookin' for another Hi Point...

    Honest question, I had one years ago and I had a lot of FTF and jamming issues with it. I wouldn't mind one for a cheap truck gun, but have they improved any over the years? This was maybe 15 years ago...
  11. Flashback a few yearz

    One of my favorite movies.
  12. So he does like meat after all...

    What kind of weirdo bites a man in the nose? That's just nasty. Sounds like that vegan diet is turning him in to a zombie.
  13. Way back when

    That brings back memories. I remember as a kid coming home from school and my dad had built my brother and I a ramp like that for our bikes. No helmet gang, and we all survived.
  14. Woman stops alligator with a 22 pistol

    And we all argue about caliber size. If a .22 will stop a gator, it'll stop anything. BRB about to list my 9mm and .45 to buy more .22. :lol:
  15. Detailed Item Description

    But it's "like new"!
  16. BINGO!

    Problem is he still probably doesn't get the point. The liberal spin is strong.
  17. Apparently they need a kickstand down prior to getting off

    They probably need to be avoiding that aisle anyways.
  18. This is the way you tell.

    I usually just respond with, well the joke's on you, you married me! Then she just makes a face. :lol:
  19. This is the way you tell.

    Same here. Wives are so cruel sometimes.
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