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  1. Supporter Renewal Issue

    You just have to wait for your current Supporter to expire and then it will show up. After that you should have a renewal option going forward, this is a one-time glitch that stems from our upgrade last year.
  2. How to verify if supporter account is up to date?

    Hey, I just looked in to it. When you renewed you chose "Maximum Listings" and not "Supporter," if you'd like to upfrade to supporter you can do so here:
  3. Featured item not listed after relisting

    Send me a PM with the last four digits of your card and I'll get you a refund.
  4. Missed ODT10? - Shipping for ODT10 Shirts/Coins

    I’ve sent out about three emails, that’s how most people found out. Not sure why you wouldn’t have received one, just send me a pm and I’ll take care of it.
  5. Missed ODT10? - Shipping for ODT10 Shirts/Coins

    Send me a pm with your email address and I can look it up.
  6. Closed Messages

    He was banned as a spammer between the time he sent you a message and the time you got on the site.
  7. Missed ODT10? - Shipping for ODT10 Shirts/Coins

    If you were unable to pick up your presale package from ODT10 we can ship it to you! Shipping for Coin packages is $1 and Shirt/Coin Packages is $5. Deadline is May 31, 2022! Here are links to the store: Coin Package Shipping $1.00 Shirt & Coin Package Shipping $5.00
  8. Couldn’t attend, had tickets with coin and shirt

    We're building a new store, should be done next Wednesday, after that I'll start processing ODT10 orders.
  9. Item Gone: Looking for any PS4

    Item Name: Item Gone: Looking for any PS4 Location: Item is for: Sale/Trade NOT SPECIFIED Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: If anyone has a ps4 for sale let me know, thanks!
  10. ODT10 Gun Show & Swap Meet - April 9, 2022

    I'll start shipping them out hopefully next week.
  11. Super Lifetime Supporter

    Sorry, had to manually enter it, you're good to go now. Thanks!
  12. Southeast Meet and Greet

    This is just me talking and we have no plans for anything, but I've always kinda wanted to do a gun show like we did Saturday somewhere deep in South GA and see what happens. The question then would be where? What's a good central location for South GA?
  13. Let's play a game, guess the ODT 10 attendance......

    I'd guess 1,100. Ben and I can do some figuring on Wednesday and get a pretty close number. After running some rough numbers I think I can safely say we broke even, which was my goal. Definitely didn't make any money. :D I do think with a few changes we could manage enough money to make it...
  14. Southeast Meet and Greet

  15. Time to take the banner down

    That was tough but I took it down :(
  16. Yesterday was the most fun I've had in many years.

    A mystery box table sounds amazing if we ever do another show.
  17. Supporter issue, 5yr

    You had a 2 year subscription before and now you have a 5 year. The system sees them as two different things, so your 2 year expired but your 5 year took over. Long story short, you're good for 5 years now.
  18. ODT10 Gun Show & Swap Meet - April 9, 2022

    I'll try to get them up in the store soon.
  19. Yesterday was the most fun I've had in many years.

    I like the idea of making it two days but the problem is a ton of our vendors were packed up and gone by like 1:00 because they sold out of stuff, so day two would just be an empty exhibit hall. :D Also I loved knowing that everyone that was in there knew what ODT was. I wish I could have...
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