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  1. North East GA FS Savage Model 10 Precision Carbine .308

    Nice combination!
  2. 9/12 Hunt

    I’m a chubby chaser.
  3. 9/12 Hunt

    His rack is as wonky also.
  4. 9/12 Hunt

    Decent 8, older.
  5. 9/12 Hunt

    Watched a six, a wonky spike and fawn.
  6. 9/12 Hunt

    Good luck to everyone, be safe and enjoy the day. They are developing my urban spot in about two months, so I need to make it count.
  7. FS/FT NIB Howa 1500 .300 Winchester Magnum

    Anyone wanting a 300WM should give this serious consideration. One of the best rifles out there!
  8. Item Gone: 35 rem ammo

    Will see what I have, but I am not gonna skin ya for it. I know I have Hornady, just not sure what I can spare.
  9. Confusing Regs, Thoughts?

    Nevermind, the question had actually come to me from a guy that did not read he regs cover to cover. It is clarified on page 42.
  10. She cooked pasta

    Looks tasty, share the recipe!
  11. Confusing Regs, Thoughts?

    Line one Buck Only, line two no mention. What am I to take from this?
  12. Lost Dog in Mansfield

    The old boy is back home.
  13. Lost Dog in Mansfield

    A friend of mine has a dog that went missing in Mansfield. Please call the number in the photo if you have seen or might have found him.
  14. Want to Buy New Buddy (dog)

    Any luck with Washington Wilkes?
  15. Want to Buy New Buddy (dog)

    Try Washington Wilkes humane, not far from you I think and where I got my Martha. Lots of hounds and labs when I was there.
  16. Want to Buy Remington model 7 for kid

  17. Item Gone: FS 243, 7mm-08, 35 Remington

    Item Name: FS 243 Winchester, Hornady Location: Decatur Zip Code: 30030 Item is for: Sale Only Sale Price: 30.00+ Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: One box of Hornady American Whitetail 243 for $30.00 and one box of Hornady Superformance 243 for $35.00...
  18. State Park Quota Hunts

    I take my fall vacation at Redlands every year, Hard Labor makes sense.
  19. State Park Quota Hunts

    Seeing deer getting a shot is only part of the equation. Are people on top of each other on these hunts?
  20. State Park Quota Hunts

    Well that is unfortunate.
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