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  1. Just got this 1968 Suburban and wondering does decent LS swaps at a reasonable price?

    I like a neat clean engine compartment, Nice!
  2. prayers for my mother please

    May she go with God and she will live in your Heart forever...Prayer's
  3. My uncle died this day in 1986

    Sounds like he was a hell of a role model and a noble profession..Sorry for your loss Gary..Prayer Brother.
  4. Fired up the Weber Saturday

    Mighty Fine!!
  5. Salad before or after a meal? I have the answer for that!

    I try to prepare meals for my Bride that are well balanced and meet all the food groups..When it comes to salad for my Bride, I am fed up with what the grocers offer, for pre made salads. I choose to Bake the Chicken breasts, I take a head of Iceberg lettuce, clean take out thick pieces and pull...
  6. BNIB Wurkkos FC12 Flashlight Giveaway!

    in #2 thanks
  7. BNIB Wurkkos FC12 Flashlight Giveaway!

    in #1
  8. Life’s been good to me so far….

    Jar Head I have kept you and your lovely Bride in my prayers...I am glad things are looking better, health wise for you and your Bride!! I guess it's in our makeup to never quit..Love y'all Brother!
  9. So we have got a peeping Tom.....

    When we had the place in Conyers yrs ago, I had 5 I raised about 2wks old..They would follow me everywhere..If I worked on under the truck they would be all around me, checking my work like puppies..They started roosting on top of the truck and that was it for me...Made fine meals though!
  10. Polishing Colt nickel

    Contact @SchmittZoid If he still has some of his polishing cloths for sale..Great stuff to polish with.
  11. Breakfast for my Bride

    Decided to do a Ham, onion and Cheese Omelette for breakfast. Onions and ham first then added the eggs added cheese Time to eat..
  12. Metro Atlanta FS 1969 Colt Python

  13. Deer Chili

    Time to eat! Chili is done and served...Yum!
  14. Time for some Jerky

    Jerky is done but next batch will have more spices added..Taste good but lacks the kick... Now on to the chili...
  15. Opening Morning Check In!

    3 looking at you laughing..That how it goes!
  16. Deer Chili

    Jerky is still dehydrating so I started the Deer Chile. Deer ground, onions, celery, Added the Rotel and seasoning, now time to let it cook for awhile, more to come
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