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  1. My COVID log

    Metallic taste yes smoke smell no it’s been since February that I had caught it and I am still not yet on my normal smelling and tasting
  2. FT IWI Tavor TS12 w/ Ammo

  3. " Captain D's" style catfish

    Looks more like long John silver
  4. Spark plugs center electrode insulator broke.

    Are you personally gapping these before install ? more you just open box install ? also champion I only install in mopar products or lawn equipment
  5. E3 spark plugs

    For a lawn mower sure , anything other then lawn equipment nope Stick to oem
  6. Item Gone: FS 2005 Ford Focus Wagon

    My offer still stands sir
  7. My COVID log

    Yesterday we ordered zinc off Amazon 5 bottles and it showed up today
  8. FS/FT Noveske Gen 4 Rival 17

    Looks like a 8.5 narrow feet maybe his kids foot ? Lmao
  9. This picture is powerful !!!!

    Oh yes they can , if you’re married
  10. This picture is powerful !!!!

    Speaks for itself !!!!
  11. My COVID log

    Praying Btw I spoke to docotor and she said they haven’t seen a positive flu test in over a year Hummmmmmm what happen to the flu ? Covid kill it , we cured the common flu ? Idk
  12. Audio guys, car system/boat. Amp question.

    Grey and white one set Purple and grey other set that would be left front left rear Right front right rear on a boat can go either way
  13. Audio guys, car system/boat. Amp question.

    Should have RCA wires also pretty simple plug those in And red power to battery make sure have fuse
  14. Audio guys, car system/boat. Amp question.

    Purple to purple one has black strip connect to other black strip Green to green same also has one with black strip Grey to grey And white to white same with black strip red is power And blue is amp to radio blue amp wire Black is ground make sure ground that amp to a good ground
  15. Item Gone: FS/FT Glock Package Roni,ammo,holster...

    Great deal just to far
  16. FS/FT IWI Tavor TS12

    I sooooooo want this
  17. Central GA FS Gone

  18. The end to another shipping season.

    Man I want this job
  19. FS/FT 2020 Toyota Tundra platinum 20’ rims and Bridgestone dueler H/L tires like new

    This item has been relisted. The new listing can be found at https://www.theoutdoorstrader.com/threads/fs-ft-2020-toyota-tundra-platinum-20%E2%80%99-rims-and-bridgestone-dueler-h-l-tires-like-new.2582714/.
  20. Central GA  FS Gone

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