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  1. Wilkes County Hunting Club--All Memberships Filled!! Thanks!!

    We currently have three openings in the Heritage Hunt Club. We have leases on 785 acres in Wilkes County, just south of Washington. It is a well established club, over 30 years old. We are family oriented. We have spaces for campers/trailers with water and electric hook ups. We also have an old...
  2. Food Plot Advice

    The easy way out: As stated above, spray the desired area with round up during summer. Around Labor Day, spread pelletized lime, 10-10-10 fertilizer and annual rye seed. You do not even have to break up the soil. Rye will grow if you just throw it on the ground. Deer love it and will keep it...
  3. Persimmons for deer

    Deer love persimmons!! We have a bunch of persimmon trees in one area of our lease property. That is the best spot to be to hunt as long as there is fruit dropping from the trees. I have killed 5 deer under persimmon trees in 3 years. We have a pear tree that is a real hot item too. They used to...
  4. Ideas for a solid 6.8 SPC round for deer & hog

    I have a DPMS lower, with a Chip McCormack trigger, equipped with a Stag 7H upper receiver chambered for the 6.8 SPC cartridge. I whipped this package up after I shot a 105 lb doe with a Smith and Wesson M&P15 equipped with a Smith and Wesson .300 AAC Blackout upper. I shot the doe and it ran...
  5. Get out there and hunt in the rain

    I may get caught hunting out in the rain, but you ain't gonna catch me going hunting in the rain!!! I'm retired and there are too many nice days to go hunting. I don't need to go out in the rain!!
  6. best duck hunting rifles

    We ain't goin' there!!! You have no one to blame but yourself!!!!
  7. best duck hunting rifles

    If you have big ducks go with the Macho Skeet rig. If you have a whole flock of ducks, your best choice is the "punt gun"!! Check it out!!
  8. best duck hunting rifles

    I believe that you should put in some time on the skeet range before actually going after ducks. Here is a nice rig for duck hunting!! Have your wife pick up one of these for you before your next duck hunting trip!! Now you can go after the really big ones!! :doh::doh::doh:
  9. Wilkes County Club Needs Member---FULL AS OF 6/22/2017

    Send me a PM with telephone number and I will contact you. We are down to 1 membership now. I am retired and can meet you at the property to give the nickel tour almost any time. Will call you on Monday.
  10. Wilkes County Club Needs Member---FULL AS OF 6/22/2017

    Membership is restricted to those 18 or over. We are a family oriented club. Most members are middle aged to seniors. We also have younger members. No real preference in age. We are looking for responsible, mature (in attitude, not age), ethical hunters.
  11. Wilkes County Club Needs Member---FULL AS OF 6/22/2017

    As of April 15, 2017, we are seeking 1 new member to complete the 25 member compliment of the Heritage Hunt Club. The club's lease property is 739 acres on Lundburg Rd in Wilkes County. The property offers deer, hog, turkey and small game hunting as well as year round camping and recreation...
  12. Item Gone: FS/FT rimington 1911

    Since when is the truth such an insult? I was helping!! Deal with it!!! Thanks for the corrections, Buddy!! :)
  13. Item Gone: FS/FT rimington 1911

    Look at the gun!!! The name is spelled R-E-M-I-N-G-T-O-N!!!! 50 POINTS OFF FOR BAD SPELLING!!!! DAMN!!
  14. AR-15 porn (LETS SEE EM GUYS)

    Ask and you shall receive!!! Here it comes:
  15. 1911 Porn-Let's See What You Got

    Here ya go: Kimber Pro Carry II in .45 ACP, equipped with Wilson Combat Flatwire Recoil Spring Kit, Trijicon Night Sights, Hogue G-10 Blue Lava grips and an Ed Brown Snakeskin mainspring housing. Kimber Stainless Ultra Raptor II in .45 ACP. Nuff said!!
  16. Item Gone: FS/FT The ugliest hi point c9

    That in no way is the ugliest Hi-Point that I have ever seen. Try this out for size:
  17. Turkey hubting, got it done

    Replacing that window after the shot could get expensive and the noise of a 12 gauge going off inside the house has got to be hard on the family's ears!!! Just sayin'......
  18. Turkey hubting, got it done

    If ya can't beat 'em, join 'em!!! :doh::doh::doh: OMG!!! Let's all forget about whole thing and go hubting, okay? BTW Craftta, spell check does not fix correctly spelled typos!! I can spell, I just can't type worth a hoot!!!
  19. Turkey hubting, got it done

    HUBTING?? HUNT WHETE? There can be but on answer to these remarks......... DON'T WORRY, SPELL-CHECK WILL FIX IT!!! :doh::doh::doh::help::help::help:
  20. Openings in Wilkes County Hunting Club--ALL FILLED!!

    Sorry Mark, all openings have now been filled.
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