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  1. Gauging Interest: Recreational Lease in Carroll County

    Has anyone has any response back from this ad?
  2. Storm in the hood on Friday 13!!!!!!!

    10-4 good to know
  3. Storm in the hood on Friday 13!!!!!!!

    It’s over 100 ft. Tall
  4. Guard Dogs

    Do like Cali **** in the driveway!
  5. Storm in the hood on Friday 13!!!!!!!

    Ok y’all know we been sick and in the house for 2 weeks! So date May be wrong, but it stormed so bad for so long! Right above the house! And I see this am, how lucky we are! Lightning hit not 40 ft. From the house big poplar Tree! So once again me and mine are counting our blessings and thanking...
  6. Any pipe smokers here? Just started

    Nope we use the pin! Sent free,
  7. Want to Buy WTB Toyota Tacoma 2002 (1st Gen) truck cap

    I have one ! Don’t ask for the name brand fiberglass carpeted on the inside color does not match your truck what’s your offer
  8. Negative 19 test? Wife is positive?

    Thanks how are u sir?
  9. When did this stupid shyte start again?

    That can’t be a current sign because all the current signed say double mask
  10. Negative 19 test? Wife is positive?

    Ok been down 14 days! Of pure hell! Got tested on Friday, ****ing negative! But the wife was positive, oh well who the **** knows! I would not wish this on anyone!
  11. Bike Rally Perry Ga.

    For sure! We will need that!
  12. Bike Rally Perry Ga.

    I am in !
  13. Item Gone: FS Glock 40 10MM 750$

    Am I correct in assuming this is the 6 inch model
  14. Review: Chestnut Mtn. Georgia WMA range

    Closed to the public signs May buy you 30 minutes of safety!
  15. Hello Kitty

    I’ve never understood why everybody wants to kill them to each their own beautiful though

    Speeding 138 in 75! Less than a oz! Air boat on the Chattahoochee!(Failure to stop)

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