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  1. Storm in the hood on Friday 13!!!!!!!

    Ok y’all know we been sick and in the house for 2 weeks! So date May be wrong, but it stormed so bad for so long! Right above the house! And I see this am, how lucky we are! Lightning hit not 40 ft. From the house big poplar Tree! So once again me and mine are counting our blessings and thanking...
  2. Negative 19 test? Wife is positive?

    Ok been down 14 days! Of pure hell! Got tested on Friday, ****ing negative! But the wife was positive, oh well who the **** knows! I would not wish this on anyone!

    This is the problem, 3 charges, from 77,78.79 . All which we dropped, or payed,or time served! ( just never closed on the books) So at every renew I have to do the deed go to the ****ing DC ZOO! Deal with the zoo keeper, and all the ****ing Primates! why can’t they get it straight? I have my...
  4. Anyone else sick? (Cough, headaches, chills

    Started out sneezing coughing and hacking it’s snot going everywhere! Continuous cough head rib cage asshole very sore is everyone here myself and my wife and my son and both dogs! (And it doesn’t help that he got sent home from work until Monday because someone in his group tested positive for...
  5. Martin’s in Douglasville Hiring with a sign on bonus

    ****ing Democrat killing this country! How can these people live on what the government is sending them? Hell my beer and smoke cost that much! Yes I need to adopt 10 Ethiopian children
  6. Anyone know a RV Appliance repair person

    OK the fridge is putting out that ammonia smell ! Need repairs! To the coil! Normal service technicians do not food with ! Thanks
  7. Here you go! Yale and Harvard must except

    Who are you go boys forcing their way in even when they’re not Qualified
  8. Bat used In sex act (big end? Small end?)

    Apple news I could not get it to open but headline says it all
  9. Chicken salad from Chicken shit!

    Well it’s going to be one of those days, Don’t feel like killing one of the chickens so going to use the chicken ****!Will have my booth set up at Douglas county courthouse on Monday morning! Hope it goes over well , as long as no one finds a feather!
  10. MF that say The Internet has a cheaper

    Haggle you about your prize, and then you Adjust it a little , I’m gonna have to hold off right now I think the price might come further down ! mother****ers must not have anything to do but surf the mother****ing web and agitate and aggravate !
  11. Item Gone: FS 6.8 SPC (90 grain)

    Item Name: FS 6.8 SPC (90 grain) Location: Lithia sp. Zip Code: 30122 Item is for: Sale Only Sale Price: $ 600.00 for 500 rounds! Caliber: 6.8 SPC Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: 6.5 spc, 500 rounds per box, Individually boxes of 20 ,25 to the case ! Sale...
  12. Item Gone: FS Ruger M77 SKELETON STOCK (blued)

    Item Name: FS Ruger M77 SKELETON STOCK (blued) Location: Lithia sp. Zip Code: 30122 Item is for: Sale Only Sale Price: $900.00 Caliber: 270 Willing to Ship: No Bill of Sale Required?: No Item Description: Yep they made them in blue! This one has a super nice stock on it, but there is some...
  13. Old MF! Learn something about scopes today!

    And of course all y’all son of a bitches on this site already knew this! I removed a Sigg Tango 4. (6-24x50 ) To put on another 6.5 cm! So long story short , I stood the scope up on a mirror and adjusted the Crosshairs until they matched in the scope the reflection and the fixed! Wtf ! My simple...
  14. Government check arrived today what the fuck

    Just saw my neighbors check a few cents shy of $1000, he claims it’s free money of course the mother****er hasn’t worked all year!Claims he will receive it until January, so I imagine up and down my street will be littered with giant TV boxes, one of the pleasures of living in the hood...
  15. Florida man kills himself over some Poon tangMust’ve been extra good

    I guess there’s a lot of guys in prison over a woman, I have been married a long time ! But the kill yourself over some Poon tang? Must’ve been extra good! WTF
  16. Walker Defense Nemo Break (anyone have one)

    If so let me know what your thoughts are considering buying one for 308 Long rifle that I’m building
  17. Stimulus money spent well 5 CHECKS CASHED HOW LONG IS THE WAIT?

    Ok the feds cashed my checks, what is the wait time now? I know a couple of people who waited less than 6 Months! What I’m looking for is actual experience not some **** that you think you know someone who actually has their suppressor in their hand? And not something that happened six years...

    I have these parts ,Aero M5 complete lower,18” palmetto barrel. So I need the rest, Hand guard with adjustable gas block in the end sitting on the barrel like the Ruger in picture!Barrel nut, BCG IN 308!
  19. I found a club! Well ODT did it!

    Just a shout out to you guys! Over700 ac. In Wilkes co. Get this now 8 members! I will be gone most of the season,but will hunt December, January. Thanks Odt!
  20. Wow shooting in Atl! Cannot Identify ?

    They all look the same ! Same as last week, same as week before! I it’s almost always the same ! Same color, same color hair, eyes , WTF!
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