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  1. Caught this little guy crawling across the driveway this afternoon. 1st one I have ever seen and held.

    Caught this one sneaking around in my garage earlier. Looks to be around 8" long.
  2. Not your Grandpa's Sportster anymore...

    I think one reason it doesn't bother me - to me it looks a little like the modern version of something that a Knievel would use to jump over buses and fountains.
  3. Not your Grandpa's Sportster anymore...

    I've never been a Harley guy, but I really like the 2021 Sport Glide.
  4. Not your Grandpa's Sportster anymore...

    Maybe boring isn't the right word, though it's fairly plain in comparison to the rest of the lineup. Sometimes a controversial restyle can shake things up in a positive way. Still it shouldn't be a big deal at all. The 883 and 1200 models are still in the there lineup - looking as Fonzie as they...
  5. Not your Grandpa's Sportster anymore...

    It's a Sportster - so I'm guessing they would rather you not buy it for the styling than not buy it because it's the cheap, entry level, boring model.
  6. Okay I'm into watches again. Post your favorite models

    There are a few options, it depends on the styling you're looking for. If you find a watch you like, heavy duty spring bars (pins) and bands are available from many online sellers. The first watch that came to mind is the Ares mission timer, starting at $695 with a quartz movement.
  7. Okay I'm into watches again. Post your favorite models

    It's expensive for what you're getting, but if you're happy with the build quality and styling don't let that deter you. If you like the styling take a look at this Citizen Brycen: It has a time tested eco-drive movement with a solar rechargeable battery and can be had for about $275. There...
  8. Okay I'm into watches again. Post your favorite models

    I've been wanting a Helson 300 like you've got there on the bottom row.
  9. Auto makers and 'Right to Repair"

    I didn't know the background on this, good info.
  10. Is the new Bronco really going to look like.... (Threads merged)

    Agreed. With the right options it's pretty capable. Jump to the 14 minute mark.
  11. Need recommendations on lowering my 4x4

    Just remembered this - in 2005 GM used larger front brakes on all of the full size trucks half ton trucks and suvs. You can convert your 04 with salvage yard calipers and mounting brackets. Probably best to buy new 05 rotors and pads..
  12. Need recommendations on lowering my 4x4

    Interestingly, the goofy rake was driven, not by style, but by a pedestrian impact law that was passed (I think) around 2000. The front bumper was mandated to be at a certain height, much lower than the rear on a 4wd truck. It's what created the market for leveling kits in the early 2000s.
  13. Need recommendations on lowering my 4x4

    There are plenty of aftermarket suspension kits that mtach or improve the oem design and can raise, lower, or just beef up a vehicle. No reason to fear modifying/personalizing a vehicle. Certainly it can be done wrong with cheap or badly designed parts, so if you can't do the work yourself, you...
  14. Need recommendations on lowering my 4x4

    Just ran across this video if anyone is interested in this topic.
  15. Lamborghini Countach Rally

    Valentino Balboni
  16. Lamborghini Countach Rally

    From the event organizer, Part 2 of 3. Cool to see Valentino Balboni in attendance.
  17. The Official Truck Picture Thread..

    25 years old and 265k miles. Well worn but the AC still works.
  18. Fuel problems with 1983 C10 w/ 350 and dual tanks

    It wouldn't surprise me if alot of mechanical pumps have been on the shelf long enough to have dry rotted diaphragms. ;)
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