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  1. Anyone Else Addicted To Jeeps?

    This thread needs more Cherokee content. (I need limit straps)
  2. Ford wheel nut lugs bad

    Thread it partway back onto the stud and use an extension for leverage to wiggle the socket free, probably not the greatest way to do it but it worked. I also replaced the lug nuts afterward.
  3. Ford wheel nut lugs bad

    The last time I got tires for my car I had to go remove the lug nuts because the guys in the shop couldn't get them off because of this issue. I used a slightly smaller socket and hammered it on to each lug nut in order to remove them.
  4. Anyone Else Addicted To Jeeps?

    That orenge one is perfect!
  5. Anyone Else Addicted To Jeeps?

    Kinda.... My cherokess lifted 5.5 inches on 35's with a Cavfab alpha 3 link kit, sleeved and trussed front axle, lockers and 4.88's. Lots of other suspension mods, black sheep of the jeeps. Lol
  6. Will JB Weld do the job

    It "fixed" a crack in an engine block for me for the last couple of years, of course it's not a daily driver.
  7. Looking to buy my daughter a safe, reliable first car under $6000? Suggestions

    I would suggest a Volvo, one of the most reliable vehicles I owned was a Volvi sedan, and of course they tend to always have great safety ratings.
  8. Need recommendations on lowering my 4x4

    If it ain't broke...
  9. Rivnut Tool?

    Here's another video, this is how I installed mine.
  10. Rivnut Tool?

    I've also used them on my jeep, you don't have to have the tool to install them
  11. Jeep Cherokee XJ

    They are definitely another addictive hobby, I bounce back and forth. I'll work on the jeep and focus on. It for awhile and then take a break and focus on firearms for a while. You'll catch alot of your after market jeep goodies on sale around holiday's too, that when I picked up alot parts.
  12. Jeep Cherokee XJ

    I've also added lockers, swapped the rear to a chrysler 8.25 with 29 spline axles. I reageared to 4.88s. I only paid 525$ for mine originally and its been a slow project over the last two years.
  13. Jeep Cherokee XJ

    Here's mine, lifted 4.5 inches on 33x12.50x15s
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