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  1. 11/19 deer hunt

    Watched my favorite kind of deer, a 100 lb lone doe, move across 250+ yds and stop 100 yds out into an opening. She took a step just as I squeeze the trigger. 168gr. 308 did what it does and dropped her at 5 yds. Bring home the meat~ ☺
  2. Norma expanding

    I've ordered small batch of Norma GT in 223, 308, and 6.5CM few months ago to try out. Put few rounds of 175gr 308 through my deer rifle after reconfirm zero with SP hunting ammo. Got 2440~ ish ft/s from 18" 1:11 barrel with low SD. Did under 1 MOA at 200 with ease. Like the ammo holder with...
  3. Toyota engines...

    Someone has out done @ItBeMe. With unwavering commitment and dedication, simply refused to change oil in his/ hers 2016 3UR-FE/ 5.7L to the point oil could not drain out of the crankcase...
  4. Successful Subsonic Hunting

    Previously posted on Dec/ 2020, my only attempt at subsonic kill to date. 18" 1:11 .308 bolt rifle + Harvester 300 185gr Winchester subsonic HP ammo 50yd hit through the neck, entered behind left lower jaw and exit behind right ear. Doe dropped and expired in 20~ seconds. The exit wound was no...
  5. What y’all hunting with this year

    I'll start the season with my trusty 308~
  6. This little fella joined me in the garden this am

    I had 3 little ones at the corner of backyard few years ago. They moved on about 2 weeks later.
  7. Leather Holsters a Thing of the Past ?

    I'm 5'8", 147lbs. Have two Kydex IWB somewhere in the garage... Hand crafted leather has worked for me, for past 15 years.
  8. 2022-23 Way too early “Deer”Rifle thread

    Tikka T3x Lite Roughtech in 6.5CM.
  9. Great gun related quotes....

    "Beware the man with one gun, he knows how to use it."
  10. Third one this week......whistle pig!

    Warmth of afternoon sun brought one out. Only spotted handful of'em so far this season.
  11. Toyota engines...

    Most repairable engine failures don't come to me. Ones that suffered catastrophic failures do. Don't get to see too many normal overheated engines, often melted and seized. This one was bit painful, not the usual neglect and/ or abuse. Or end of service life. 2010 GX470 with 43k miles. Top...
  12. 11-14 Hunt

    Enjoyed a pretty day out in Bartow. 2 yearlings and a 4 pointer stopped by before noon.
  13. Your Sounds Like Bull**** (but is true) Hunting Story

    My bs-like story is from Nov-19-2016. Short version for busy folks: saw a drop tines 10 point buck at 45yds standing broadside and I let him walk... Long version: Got the permission to hunt in 5 acre backyard (8.4 acre lot) in Suwanee. 120yds downhill with creek bottom. Unlike previous four...
  14. Best .300blkout hunting setup

    Yes, 185gr. @ 1050~fps out of 1:11/ 18" barrel. I had exact same questions you had in your earlier post. Waited for the opportunity and got the answers I was after.
  15. Best .300blkout hunting setup

    As a reference for heavy 30 cal at subsonic velocity. 185gr. Winchester subsonic HP, 50yd hit through the neck, (entered behind lower jaw on left side/ exited behind the right ear) Dropped on the spot, expired under 30 seconds. The soft-core did expend and exit wound was no less than Speer...
  16. What Rifle are you taking on opening day

    Sako A7 in .308 Win + Harvester 300 Vortex HD LH 2-10x40 G4 BDC Speer bonded 168gr. SP
  17. Got a little bit of trigger time in today.

    Awesome! I need to get my A7 out and sight-in the new scope also. I'm usually 100% ready for the season by Labor day weekend.
  18. WTF PepBoys????

    ^^^ this. Oil pump had nothing to do for few minutes while the bearings were relocating. Should look similar to the one on left.
  19. Good tteokbokki

    I'm good with the home made. Snack version -vs- meal version.
  20. Third one this week......whistle pig!

    First one of the season spotted about a week ago.
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