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  1. Rade Hawkins knives

    Holy Cow. Have not heard that name in years. Had one back in the late 80's. Very well made knife. Stag handle and about a 7" blade. I was young, stupid and broke the tip. But no idea of the steel type. Moose
  2. Could someone please help me identify this "KA-bar"?

    It is one of the newer KaBars. Made probably in the late 70s or early 80s by the parked blade. Also if you look at the pommel you will see the pin only goes in from one side. Pinned millitary KaBars have the pin which goes all the way through. Also the sheath is from the newer run. No...
  3. New Ek Help

    I bought one of the new KaBar Ek M43s. I always like the M3 version of the Ek which was dagger shaped but only half of the top edge was sharpened as opposed to a full double edge. I thought it gave the knife a little more utility than just a sticking knife. When I got the knife I found the...
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