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  1. @hayata winner | Happy thanksgiving 9MM giveaway open to all

    I’m in! Happy Thanksgiving!
  2. BNIB Wurkkos FC12 Flashlight Giveaway!

    In #2
  3. Giveaway! just because giveaway

    Thanks for doing this. I'm in!
  4. Giveaway! You can call me Silver Balls.....Hooray 3K Posts

    alot of new preppers fail to prepare themselves for the mental stresses that come from a disaster. Are you ready to get the fresh protein you need from your neighbors cat, your pet hamster, or that raccoon? Do you know how to prepare them properly?
  5. Giveaway! Pure Luck giveaway

    I'd say 55
  6. Giveaway! 1000th Post Giveaway!

    I'm in!
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