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  1. Why so many Scorpions for sale on ODT?

    Absolutely agreed. But my point still stands.
  2. Want to Buy  WTB Form 1 9mm kit

    Item Name: WTB Form 1 9mm kit Item Description: If any one has a form 1 kit sitting in a closet I'd like to have it sitting in my closet. Price paid would depend on which kit/quality. Would like a complete/ mostly complete kit. Thanks
  3. Seizures

    Hey Ken. Hate this ****s still going on and hate to be cliche but have you tried cannabis for the seizures?
  4. Why so many Scorpions for sale on ODT?

    Yeh but at what point? For a lot of people it might be when the gun looks like the pic above.
  5. CDL In Progress - A Few Questions

    I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure you still need a CDL? You just don't have to be registered as a motor carrier.
  6. CDL In Progress - A Few Questions

    And they make you sign a non compete so you either have to stick with them at starvation wages for a year or leave trucking.
  7. CDL In Progress - A Few Questions

    It's been years but when I went it was weekdays. Def check to see, though I doubt it. I'd be really cautious about going to school through a company. Just look up some the horror stories on the internet. There's lots of low paying scum ****ery in the trucking industry.
  8. 5,000th post .............. ! Give away

    In! Love free stuff. Thx
  9. Thought y'all might like to see my new gat...

    LoL just bought the same thing for my FNp. At 40 something bucks I'll take it over no light.
  10. Ammo Giveaway ***WINNER!!!***

    In for either. Very generous, thanks!
  11. Why so many Scorpions for sale on ODT?

    Decided on an apc and am very happy. Granted the apc was the one I hadn't shot and certainly had some curiosity about it, so it may have influenced my decision. Scorpion was damn good and especially for the price. Sig copperhead I shot was amazing and really got me into looking at the mpx...
  12. CDL In Progress - A Few Questions

    I went to Chattahoochee tech years ago for their cdl program. Was reasonably priced at the time and great instructors. Was shocked by some of the things I saw or heard from other new drivers out of other schools.
  13. Maybe I'm just buzzed...

    And here I was thinkin I've had one too many tonight..
  14. Beans in your chili? Yay or nay?

    Oh yes. If chilli is the main course it should absolutely have been. If it's going on my hotdog then no.
  15. Item Relisted! Shield RMSc

    I recommend trying the one with the plastic lens. I have one with a cracked glass.
  16. Filter out "no shippers?"

    I think that would be a great and easy post option to add.
  17. Enjoy…

    This thread like the phoenix.
  18. Item Gone: FS/FT Remington 700 , Shilen barrel, fajen stock, Jewell trigger

    Nice. That is one good looking rifle.
  19. Say it isn’t so!

    It's because it's ****ing disgusting. That's why it won't be coming back.
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