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  1. Hunting scope recommendations needed

    cant go wrong with a leupold imo.
  2. Item Gone: FS/FT Sig Sauer P320 X5 Legion

    i had to draw a line in the sand somewhere haha! thanks!
  3. Item Gone: FS/FT Sig Sauer P320 X5 Legion

    no thanks
  4. Item Gone: FS/FT Sig Sauer P320 X5 Legion

    Item Name: Item Gone: FS/FT Sig Sauer P320 X5 Legion Location: Hoschton Zip Code: 30548 Item is for: Sale or Trade Sale Price: $1000 Firm Trade Value or Items Looking For: $1100. Offer away, worst i can say is no thanks. Partial trades only though. im looking for $3-500 cash plus your trade...
  5. Carhartt or Duluth Trading?

    im a huge duluth trading fan. everything ive bought from them has been amazing. and you can score some great deals if you watch their website for overlapping deals and free shipping. ive never bought at full price lol. i had a pair of pants from them loose its zipper and they gave me full...
  6. So what was your first ride?

    78 F100. man i miss that truck. one day i hope to have another.
  7. Brightest flashlights for under a $100. Not bulky big spotlights. Would rather have rechargeable than having to stuff 12 AA batteries in it.

    i have this Milwaukee rechargeable i got at home depot and love it.
  8. Item Gone: Ruger Gunsite Scout Stainless .308 Green Laminate *Unicorn Found*

    very nice! the green laminate looks amazing! switch stocks? except mines a lefty darnit haha!!
  9. Item Relisted! FS/FT XM42 LITE FLAME THROWER

    oh man im glad your so far away lol. awesome!
  10. Exercising my white privilege….

    only thing i would like with my white privilege is to be able to skip to the front of the line at chick fil la during lunch rush.
  11. What's yer bottom dollar

    fb marketplace is the worst. everytime people ask me whats the lowest ill tell them 100 bucks more that the price i have listed.
  12. Does it ever stop?

    dont break down man!! yes it does go away! and you will hit a point that cigarette smoke is absolutely disgusting. it will be a hallelujah moment when you get it lol. it took a couple years after i quit to reach that point and know that i will never pick one of those disgusting things up again.
  13. advice on Tonneau Cover for Truck

    i would get a trifold over those velcro ones hands down. but spend a bit more for a hard one instead of soft. some punk will knife it just to look in. i got a undercover that will fit your truck im looking to get rid of cheap. all hardware included...
  14. So, tomorrow’s the 45th anniversary…

    probably about 5yrs ago i think? spent 20yrs or so smoking. so glad i was able to stop. i dont think theres anything that could make me pick one up again. I am so repulsed by the smell now its crazy to me.
  15. Bolt on hitch recommendations

    ive done curt brand from on my past 2 vehicles. no problems, easy install with great instructions and videos online. also has a great return process in case you are a dummy like me and order the wrong one for your truck.
  16. Any dodge ram dealer folks in here?

    oh yeah.. any brands special editions, trx, raptors, etc, is going to be marked up crazy right now. 40k i would say is normal. but i would bet thats on the low end of markups for a trx. go look at hellcat/shelby markups lol. but everything is marked up right now. any "deals" (msrp) are few and...
  17. Ford wheel nut lugs bad

    hammer on a 19mm to get them off, or buy a 19.5mm. its not a rust thing, its just a ****ty design thing. buy solid ones of amazon and replace all of them.
  18. Anyone Else Addicted To Jeeps?

    Jeep people are weird. my brother and his wife are jeep people.....weird i tell ya.....alwaya yammering on about these damn ducks people be putting on their jeeps....weird people!!!
  19. General Psa

    better be yelling like a sand person posing like that lol
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