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  1. An AR15 is an AR15 is an AR15 .................................

    I agree. Probably go with the Colt since it will hold its value more. Seen the Colts sell around $700 lately also
  2. Almost new?

    They don't put the envelope in the box anymore
  3. My Glock 23 has gone full auto ???

    I was at Glock a few months back having some guns checked. The armored said my 26 was about to go full auto on me. I think it had the Ghost "Edge" connector installed at the time. He said more guns that had problems with the Ghost brand. My gun had more mods than just a connector though
  4. My Glock 23 has gone full auto ???

    Put the factory connector back in. What 3.5lb connector is in it?
  5. The OFFICIAL not banning xm855 now thread

    I got an alert from my Fox News app!
  6. legal age???

    Wish i had known this when i was 18
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