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  1. Lightweight build advice

    Maybe @Burdy can give some insight? I know there are others who do the RnG’s but my mind is a blank.
  2. Need help ripping out bushes - $60

    My dad it back in the mid 90’s on what might be similar sized holly bush next to his driveway. Ended up taking a buddy with a wrecker using his winch. Also had to repour a small part of his driveway that came up too. His holly bush had very deep roots but had been there about 20 years or so.
  3. RV living help

    Just heard back from my friend. Their niece is doing long term at Jones RV Park. It’s in Norcross. The rate is $650.00 per month and includes water, sewer and electric. Don’t know anything else and they look to have a wait list. You could give them a call. Good luck. http://www.jonesrvpark.com/
  4. What Series Are You Watching Right Now?

    Right now, they plan on 7 seasons. Our group loves it!
  5. RV living help

    During our LifeGroup tonight, one of the guys nieces is getting ready to live in her 31’ pull behind. It’s north of Atlanta and he says is $650.00 per month. I’ll try to find out where and the name. He says they allow long term rental spaces.
  6. What Series Are You Watching Right Now?

    We eat really well too! Next week is venison roast, potatoes, carrots and onions. Others are bringing the sides to include homemade biscuits!
  7. What Series Are You Watching Right Now?

    We’re actually doing our church LifeGroup on season 1 of the series. Just finished episode 7 about 2 hours ago. 18 people in our home. Sitting on couches, chairs, floor. It’s very good and provides great discussion! Highly recommend. We’ll start season 2 late summer. If you’re in Henry County...
  8. Finding a Nanny?

    We’ve found all of our child care needs through our church. We know them and get to watch them with other children. No regrets.
  9. Best catfish baits

    Just curious, where are you fishing for big cats?
  10. Best catfish baits

    Big flats and blues, live shad, bream, Pretty large in size. Large channels, fresh cut bait. Large circle hooks, points exposed to ensure a good hookup. Might be worth paying a guide who fishes big cats for the experience and let them know you want to learn.
  11. Who is THE BEST Cerakoter in GA?

    It’s worth the drive to Thomaston to meet James @Hiland Arms aka @Fatal_Bert He is truly a wizard with cerakote! Took my old 16 gauge that had smoke damage and made it better than new! Highly recommend!
  12. ATV/small engine guys! Need help

    He got it going. Didn’t have enough gas. Got it running! Thanks for y’all’s suggestions! Now my next question, what’s the best place to get a set of tires? I don’t need anything super aggressive, just a stock/factory set of affordable tires.
  13. How do food trucks work?

    Pm sent
  14. How do food trucks work?

    Let me check and I may have a reference thru church. I think we have a reference for a Kona ice truck that would help with the heat. I’ll let you know when I find out.
  15. For folks that think we only do AR Armorer work

    For the barrel and stock, I can highly recommend @Fatal_Bert He cerakoted the barrel and receiver and refinished the stock of an old shotgun of mine. He is truly an artist!
  16. 10/22 triggers and mods

    @jclem02 used to be a 10/22 guy. Maybe still is?
  17. Need help identifying the ammo below

    My pleasure
  18. Need help identifying the ammo below

    Maybe 8mm Mauser. https://www.cdvs.us/product/8mm-mauser-ball-ammo-7-9mm-russian-dated-11-1953-price-per-15-round-box/
  19. Want to Buy Gerber Shorty Armorhide

    Good luck
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