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  1. Girsan P35 Match

    Anyone have one of these or an opinion on this brand/model? I see good things about the brand(value-wise) and I really want to try that flat trigger. Looks to have fiver optic front sight and driftable rear. Seems like a good value for $600...
  2. Axil electronic hearing 50% off sale

    Anyone have some of these and have an opinion?
  3. Item Gone: (2) Turkey Tail Displays. *** Gone Pending Meeting ***

    Those look great. I would take them if you ever head to the Athens side of town. I may be able to meet in Gainesville too but not this week.
  4. Somebody made a boo-boo.

    Geez…do realize how much I would have to buy to get prepaid freight.
  5. Somebody made a boo-boo.

    I figured out why everything is out of stock now. 😉
  6. Well at least it's free..... Really it's free!

    Maybe they can use it for a drop box during the next election.
  7. Appendix carry..

    I love this one. It has Kydex between layers of leather to give a rigidity but with a leather look and feel. Also, there is a very comfortable padding on the back. https://versacarry.com/carry-gear/products/comfort-flex-deluxe-iwb-holster-2023/
  8. Talk me out of a safe

    Let's go Brandon!
  9. I can't believe the way I was treated at Discount Tire in Hiram

    I had the same experience with them many years ago and I try to always buy from them. All discount Tires will do this. Great customer service and marketing. Here’s my story. I was drive along and see a board in the road. I have no way to serve into another lane so I grin and bear it. As I...
  10. King Of The Hill revival

    Bob Saget was one of the funniest and dirtiest comedians ever. I loved hearing him tell stories about all the parents bringing their kids to shows thinking they we coming to see Danny Tanner from Full House. Lmao.
  11. King Of The Hill revival

    Always ahead of the curve. They were not afraid to discuss mental illness.
  12. Talk me out of a safe

    Check out Pendleton Safes. Made in GA and has a very cool rotary design. Very well made as well and look beautiful.
  13. Right-to-Bear (PSA) Legal protection Beware!

    Have not researched RTB, but I recommend looking into US lawshield. https://www.uslawshield.com/
  14. Embezzled chicken wings?

    She must have ordered them from Cheaper than Dirt.
  15. Israel Expediting Firearm Licenses

    We should reclassify all firearms as "Portpartum abortion devices"
  16. Israel Expediting Firearm Licenses

    Almost all mass shooting happen in "gun free zone", and CA is the largest gun free zone in the US.
  17. Lost my buddy

    I'm sorry to hear that, what was his name? I know very little about horses, is 29 really old or about average? Nevermind, I see my answers above.
  18. AAA Road Service Questions?

    Definitely worth it. Not only do they roll but will unlock your car, jump it off or bring you gas if you run out. Like others have mentioned, sometimes they will take a couple hours to get there but it’s paid for itself many times with me. The towing is contracted out to local guys and if they...
  19. Eggs @ $3.39 a dozen

    How do you make pickle bread? Use dill dough.
  20. Eggs @ $3.39 a dozen

    Apparently, it contains artificial cock flavoring.
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