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  1. Snake bites?

    Snake bite kits and tourniquets are a no go. Seek medical treatment. Glad it worked out. My oldest son stepped over a Pygmy rattler decades ago. Only victim we had was a dog. Copperhead. Gave her children’s benedryl and she was good to go in 3 days.
  2. used or old kevlar armor

    Ive shot many old vest and they always stop what they are rated for and beyond.
  3. ALONE

    If they had another hardcore dude like him on the show it may have gone on for quite some time. I wonder where the new location will be.
  4. Revamped get home bag

    The sea to summit bags are great-aint bulky and hold up. They come in different sizes as well. If you like and are successful with freezer bags stick with them. They do not work for me.
  5. Revamped get home bag

    I'd say negative on ziplock bags-You can get some nice drybags that wont break the bank at academy sports. If you believe ziplock bags will work you haven't been out in real foul conditions, I'd acquire a couple more mags instead of carrying a box of ammo-less bulk. I'd take the tomahawk with...
  6. crayon as inprov candle

    While they do burn good my experiment shows that they are way to smokey for indoor use. Better than nothing but will not replace a candle
  7. Got an axe to grind? post axe porn here!

    Not exactly an ax-here's my trail companion
  8. Snow jam 2014(Traffic Gridlock)=SHTF

    Id rather deal with zombies than snow. 7+ hour drive.
  9. Excited n just want to share

    All lecture or practicals mixed in-building stoves-starting fires-skinning a squirrel ?
  10. Found a new entry/survival tool -short video review added

    yea but the fight scene in "The Patriot" would have sukked with the stanley.
  11. Primal Gear Unlimited Folding survival bow

  12. DIY deer camp/emergency heater

    I barely survived the ordeal to 6:57. I like the altoid tin one I'll have to try it. I made the coffee can one but I'm a "still" hunter so its kinda big too carry. You think cotton balls will work as filler?
  13. Hunting and fishing during SHTF scenario

    Me and my boys have caught fish in the creek and cooked them over an open fire on sticks(with Tony C seasoning of course) But it takes alot of fishing and it is a "novelty" meal.(Not really enough to make a meal let along subside on day after day (Think of your nearby local stream). Same with...
  14. With the importance of cordage- dental floss

    Was on a picnic and my dad says he wished he had some dental floss. I gutted some 550 and unravelled a strand. That's my dental floss(in the field). Bill
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