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  1. Sig P365 9mm Deep Conceal Tuckable Holster Recommendations

    This is the XL with a TLR 7 and red dot. I got it on a swap with the holster and all the bells and whistles I normally would not carry off duty with the WML but this rig makes it work. I carried a 43x in a Bravo concealment torsion and a Hellcat in a similar rig and both were torture after...
  2. Sig P365 9mm Deep Conceal Tuckable Holster Recommendations

    I’ve used a number of different IWB - Bravo Concealment, Crossbreed, Galco etc holsters but this 4 Brothers IWB is by far the best I have ever used. Rides deep and this one actually is pretty comfortable.
  3. With the ammo crisis are air guns a good alternative for training?

    Any trigger time is better than no trigger time. I have always suggested that option for folks with limited training time and budget I’ve seen performance increases from guys who have heeded my advice.
  4. Review: Way of the Gun pistol class

    I attended one of his classes at GTOA. Top notch!
  5. The "malfunction inducing" stick

    Hmmm I'll have to use this tool. Thanks
  6. Slide lock - why do you care?

    A tact reload /mag swap should be used when there's a lull in the fight. You should have cover. If you are in the open with bullets flying you should be moving to cover not taking bullets outta your gun!
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