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  1. Smith and Wesson performance center knives?!

    I’ve got a couple SW knives from the 1980 era. Their new stuff isn’t too impressive. Not sure about the newest line
  2. Microtech Porn!?!?

  3. My first Microtech

    Here's my 2nd one-Distressed Gray Troodon
  4. Microtech Porn!?!?

    Picked up a Troodon from a member last week. Now I'm going to ship off my Ultratech to Microtech for a new blade or sell as is to brother. Got it quite a while back in a trade. Blade was butchered/ sharpened/ whatever by one of its previous owners.
  5. Microtech Porn!?!?

    Hey what's the name of Devest8r shop/website? I'm considering a Combat Troodon . Thanks

    Bump, I have 3 of their Hawks but not in the market for more. Mine are all users and cover all the bases at the moment. Great gear.
  7. Blade Show 2018

    Usually I trade and buy a few, just got this one and some stickers, and of course got to catch up with some friends.
  8. Best fixed blade self defense knife for EDC

    Benchmade SOCP. With its low profile sheath you can wear it easily, fast to deploy, best to carry with some form of training.
  9. Randall Knife Thread

    Earlier in the thread the mention of supersteels came up. In the Bladeforum there was a old post where an Italian guy ran a torture test with a Model16 and a Busse. They chopped cinder blocks etc. The Randall won
  10. Randall Knife Thread

    Model 28 Woodsman, great all around user.
  11. Randall model 15

    Model 16. I've jumped it on static line mil jumps, swam with it in fresh water and saltwater, blazed trails etc Also have a model 28 Woodsman that I now carry more often. No pics handy at the moment.
  12. Randall Knife Thread

    Model16, diver model. I choose it over a 14 because I don't care for the large double guards for field use.
  13. Microtech Porn!?!?

    Here's some real firepower!
  14. Microtech Porn!?!?

    Gave it a shot with a Dremel polish.Finish came off fairly easy.
  15. Microtech Porn!?!?

    That's pretty much my plan. I've toyed with the idea of removing the black finish with my Dremel polishing gear. I understand it's a pretty tuff finish however.
  16. Microtech Porn!?!?

    I believe it's too boogered up for that. It would probably look better if I removed the black finish then it wouldn't be so obvious. Ideas,Opinions? ?
  17. Microtech Porn!?!?

    Good grief this section of the thread #64 doesn't even have a knife pic. . .yet
  18. Microtech Porn!?!?

    Uh oh almost a full moon
  19. Microtech Porn!?!?

    My first MT. Blade was previously "sharpened aggressively" so I'm not afraid to use it. Really like it so far It's been an edc since I got it. May get another eventually. This thread is "a little" sidetracked. . .
  20. Microtech Porn!?!?

    That's on Lake Allatoona near the dam
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